Nostalgic journey: Graduation film makers graduate

Graduation film team members, from left, Katie Birks, Bethany Whatling and Matt Pellant

A team of students graduating from the University of Sussex have made a film about student life at the University that will be shown at this summer's graduation ceremonies.

The team of eight - Katie Birks, Bethany Whatling, Alexander Bruno, Danny Baker, Matt Pellant, Charlotte Romer, Adam Alexander and Fernand Frimpong - all studied film, media or digital technology and were picked to produce, script, film and edit the documentary. The 30-minute film aims to capture the essence of student life at Sussex, taking the viewer on a journey around the campus and through the past three or four years.

The film is used to entertain the audience of thousands who gather to witness graduation, giving them a taste of life for the typical Sussex student. Highlights include the excitement of Freshers' Week, student society activities, sporting highlights, celebrations and University traditions such as the Dissertation Dash and RAG week.

Bethany Whatling, 22, from Luxembourg, who studied for a BA in Media Practice and Theory, helped to produce and edit the film. She says: "Everyone experiences university in different ways. We wanted to reflect on the diverse activities, societies and events that students enjoy in their three or four years in the university. I hope that our fellow graduates will recognise and enjoy this collection of memories that we have created for them."

 Matt Pellant, 21, from Maidstone, Kent, was responsible for some of the camera work and lighting. He says: "I think that the film shows how enjoyable it is to go to university, and how to get the best out of your tutors and your course."

Katie Birks, 21, from Reading, was kept busy on both sides of the camera, as a producer and an interviewee. She says: "The film really reflects a lot of my Sussex experience and I hope it does the same for others. The team has worked brilliantly together which has made it such a good experience and a great opportunity to showcase what we can do, especially with a subject so personal. I'm looking forward to seeing others watch it and feel that the long process has been really worthwhile."

Fernand Frimpong Jnr, 21, from Orpington, Kent, says: "Making the film allowed me to look back to all the moments over the previous three years that made my life at Sussex so memorable. All the fun, enjoyable and laugh-out-loud moments of the first year, the busy world of the second year fitting in as much fun as possible in the final year, in between dissertations and exams!"

Danny Baker, from Bristol, who conducted interviews for the film, says: "From the film we gained an understanding that the people who studied at Sussex felt that their lives had been enriched by their university experience. The film is a reflection on our own journey through Sussex campus, starting from our day as freshers to our current position as graduates.

Last updated: Friday, 15 July 2011