Study at Sussex opens up a world of opportunity for Carmen

Carmen Gheoldus

Education has proved to be a passport to a world of opportunity for Romanian student Carmen Gheoldus, but she still sees Brighton as her second home.

The 24-year-old came to the University of Sussex to study Business and Management on a Romanian Government scholarship, then went on to study for a postgraduate course in international finance, which she funded herself through three part-time jobs. She now works as a graduate consultant for the Brighton office of Australian firm CAM Management Solutions.

Carmen says: "I'm really happy for having chosen a place with so many student employment possibilities without which I would have never succeeded. Brighton is one of UK's most vibrant cities and in my view is the best place to be in England, so I never left!

During her busy time at Sussex, Carmen was an active member of numerous societies and also served as a Residential Advisor, helping others to settle into academic life on campus.

Carmen says: "Coming from a developing country with no internationally recognised academia and scarce financial resources, I would say that my solid educational background is by far my most important achievement.  

"Education has not only made me more employable - and at present I am working for a fantastic company that is providing me with many professional opportunities - but also more open-minded and confident."

She adds: "Like most international students, one of the biggest challenges was adjusting to a completely new environment. When you are 18 and away from home for the first time, trying to make friends and assimilate into another culture can be a rather daunting experience. But Sussex made the transition a lot easier, with its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, supportive staff, good teaching and the many events aimed at international students.

Now Carmen's sister Manuela, is following in her footsteps and will graduate from Sussex in the summer with a degree in International Relations with French and Spanish.

Last updated: Wednesday, 26 January 2011