Students’ media show takes an alternative point of view

A still from 'Sewn', a film by MPT students

University of Sussex students will be offering thought-provoking and entertaining alternative views on all walks of life, from the police and pensioners to fetishists and the working man's club, at this year's Media Practice and Theory degree show.

The exhibition, which opens to the public on the University's campus on Thursday 27 May, is entitled Beyond Practice.

It features 27 projects produced by 43 final-year Media and Film students on the Media and Practice and Theory BA degree course.

Representatives from the film and media industries will be among invited guests at a special gala viewing to launch the exhibition, to be held at the University of Sussex on the evening of Wednesday 26 May.

Visitors to the exhibition in the University's Silverstone Building will be able to listen to radio documentaries, view photographs and digital media installations and watch drama and documentary films made by the students.

The show, put together by the students with help from the Media faculty, provides an opportunity to showcase work produced for final-year projects. The featured exhibits include:

  • And Where Do You Think You're Going Dressed Like That? A photographic portrait project by Bob Prosser, which aims to explore the boundaries of identity in public and private spaces by taking performers and fetishists and placing them outside of their expected spheres of society.
  • Old Sage: A photographic portrait and sound project by Rachael Seargent that reconsiders the place of the elderly in an ageist society, inspired by the photography of Bert Teunissen and the campaigning of pensioners' champion Dame Joan Bakewell
  • PIGS?: People in Government Service: A radio documentary by Lauren Stevens, which questions the usual public opinion of the local police and which challenges negative Press perceptions, documenting a personal journey though three different units within Sussex Police, including interviews and live action.
  • New Members Welcome: Jackson Ducasse, James Scott, Michael Botwright, Oscar Gordon-Lyons documentary about the Brighton Trades & Labour Club. A place full of life, laughter, and cheap beer! Twenty years on from its heydey, the Brighton Trades & Labour Club is no longer in the shape it once was. The smoking ban, cheap supermarket alcohol and the death of local industry have hit club accounts hard. Have its members lost faith in this once proud institution? And will the club go down without a fight?
  • Sewn: A dark fairytale drama by Lauren Clements, Naomi Cushbourne, Helen Gladders, James R. Kipping, which is being considers for the Leeds International Film Festival 2010.

 Student Abby Butcher, who is head of publicity for the show, says: "We're all incredibly proud of the projects we have created for Beyond Practice, as they represent three years of dedicated study. All of the work is of an incredibly high standard - it really demonstrates the passion and commitment each individual has put into every element of their project."

Notes for Editors

Press welcome to attend the gala viewing, from 5pm to 9pm in the Silverstone Building on the University of Sussex campus. Contact for further details.

Beyond Practice is open to the public daily from Thursday 27 May to Wednesday 2 June (excluding Sunday 309 May), 10am to 5pm. Entrance is free.

How to get to the University of Sussex:

How to get to the Silverstone Building: See building number 16 on the campus map

University of Sussex Press office contacts: Maggie Clune, Jacqui Bealing and Danielle Treanor. Tel: 01273 678 888 or email


Last updated: Wednesday, 12 May 2010