University of Sussex launches Masters course in Qatar in corruption, law and governance

Doha skyline, Qatar. Photo courtesy of Francisco Anzola (CC BY 2.0)

The University of Sussex is to launch a Law Masters degree in Corruption, Law and Governance, following an agreement with the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Centre (ROLACC) in Doha, Qatar.

The University is known for its world-leading research and expertise in anti-corruption, especially within the Sussex Centre for the Study of Corruption, which is a research centre within the School of Law, Politics and Sociology.

The LLM in Corruption, Law and Governance is a part-time, two year course at ROLACC.  Leading Sussex academics have designed the course according to University standards and will travel to Qatar to teach it.

The students are expected to be professional graduates working in government, the commercial sector and non-governmental organisations who are committed to tackling corruption. They will need to meet the University’s usual qualification criteria to be given a place on the course.

His Excellency Dr Ali Bin Fetais Al Marri, the Qatari Attorney General, Chairman of the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Centre (ROLACC) Board of Trustees, said:

“The provision of high quality education and training delivered by internationally recognised experts from the University of Sussex is fundamental to achieving the aims of ROLACC.  It is also very supportive for the development of Qatar’s legal and technical framework for the fight against corruption, for professionals and practitioners, in all sectors nationally and in the region.  Part-time delivery of the course at the Centre is crucial in facilitating access to the course and ensuring the student experience at ROLACC is equal to that of campus-based students in the UK.”

Dr Al Marri also announced that ROLACC will provide a number of scholarships to the best qualified students to promote participation on the course. These will be awarded based on the University of Sussex’s standard criteria for recognising academic merit.

He said:

“The course will equip students with the knowledge and skills to assess modalities of corruption and design solutions for dealing with corrupt practice. The delivery of the University of Sussex LLM at ROLACC is a major step in helping build professional capacity in the Gulf region.”

Professor Andrew Sanders, the Head of the Law, Politics and Sociology School at The University of Sussex said:

“The University of Sussex is committed to direct engagement in the worldwide campaign against corruption, and this LLM gives us the opportunity to use our expertise to support anti-corruption strategies in the Gulf region and to help change the way that people think and act. 

“The new LLM draws on the University’s expertise within the Law, Politics and Sociology School and the Sussex Centre for the Study of Corruption, and builds on the existing and successful MA in Corruption and Governance.  

“Corruption is a rapidly growing and crucial area of study, especially in view of its devastating impact on economic development and the health of civil society, nationally and internationally. Our recent scholarship in this area has contributed to a growing awareness not only of the extent of the problem of corruption but also to understanding the legal, policy and governance strategies which can help us all address this global issue.”

Applications can be made on the University of Sussex website: The course will start in September 2016.

Posted on behalf of: University of Sussex
Last updated: Wednesday, 1 June 2016