Alex’s commitment to research gains him a medical post in leading hospital

Alex Cumberworth

Alex Cumberworth, who graduates today (10 July 2013), had research papers published while still a medical student at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. In August he will begin his career as a doctor at the world-renowned St Thomas’ Hospital in London, having won a place in one of the most competitive foundation programmes for doctors in the UK.

Alex was ranked third out of 778 applicants to Thames Foundation School for an Academic Foundation Programme (AFP) post, and is one of the first BSMS students to successfully obtain an AFP job in London. Academic Foundation Programmes provide new doctors who have just graduated with the opportunity to develop research, teaching and leadership management skills in addition to the current basic competences that all new doctors need to learn in the foundation training once they graduate.

During his time at BSMS he has authored or co-authored seven peer-reviewed publications, in collaboration with other students and faculty, including one article in the Journal of the American Medical Association  and presented his individual research project as a poster at a national conference of the Age Anaesthesia Association in  May 2012.

He also won three prizes - Dean’s Prize for overall achievement in year 2 (2009), Medical Women’s Federation Women’s Health Prize (2010), and Best performance in Population Medicine (2012).

He says: “I've learned so much from my time at BSMS. As well as giving me the knowledge and skills to start work as a junior doctor, BSMS has also encouraged me to become more questioning and independent in my learning. Academic work aside, I've been very lucky to have made so many friends and shared so many great experiences with them. I also appreciate how approachable the staff are here and I count myself very lucky to be able to count so many of them as friends too.

“All in all, I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to come here and would recommend it to anyone! Undoubtedly the prizes and publications made a big difference to getting my first choice of AFP job, which is in allergy and respiratory medicine. Ultimately I hope to work in something like cardiology or anaesthetics, or maybe intensive care, and my experience at BSMS has definitely helped shape things in that direction. Incidentally my individual research project, completed in the fourth year, was in anaesthetics which may have played a role too.”

By: Jacqui Bealing
Last updated: Thursday, 4 July 2013