David Stone MBE

Doctor of the University: David Stone

Paralympic cyclist and Sussex alumnus David Stone is made a Doctor of the University on Friday (25 January 2013) in recognition of his extraordinary achievements in the 2012 Paralympics.

David began racing in 1995. He made his first international debut in the 1996 World Championships in Nottingham, but disappointing results led to him leaving the sport for three years in 2000. He spent time travelling and working in Europe and Asia before embarking on a Social Work degree at Sussex in 2003, where he took up cycling again. He was spotted by leading coach Gary Brickley and was soon notching up victories in competitive cycling, including his first World Championship title (the track team sprint with team mates Darren Kenny and Rik Waddon).

David then went on to win the European Championships in the Road Race and Time Trial on the trike. After 2005 he started racing full-time, winning several World Championships, two gold medals at the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing. In 2012, David’s dedication to his sport resulted in a bronze and gold medal at the London Paralympics.

Last updated: Monday, 21 January 2013