Novel Theory (Q3312)

30 credits, Level 6

Spring teaching

This module examines the theory of the Eurocentric novel (that is, the European novel as well as non-European novels that are invested in it, e.g. the colonial/postcolonial novel) between 1700 and 2000, with special attention to historicist and materialist approaches. The module is intended to provide you with advanced theoretical tools for understanding the novel as a literary form and for examining the kinds of literary questions that arise in relation to the novel.

Topics covered may include narratology, genre theory, problems in literary history and scale, and literary realisms. Theorists studied may include Walter Benjamin, György Lukács, Fredric Jameson, Edward Said, Nancy Armstrong, Simon Gikandi, and Deidre Lynch. It is recommended, but not required, that you will have taken The Novel in Year 2.


100%: Seminar


100%: Coursework (Essay, Presentation)

Contact hours and workload

This module is 300 hours of work. This breaks down into 33 hours of contact time and 267 hours of independent study.

This module is running in the academic year 2019/20. We also plan to offer it in future academic years. It may become unavailable due to staff availability, student demand or updates to our curriculum. We’ll make sure to let our applicants know of such changes to modules at the earliest opportunity.