Engineering Mechanics (H1028)

15 credits, Level 4

Spring teaching

In this module, you’ll cover:

  • moment of a force
  • static equilibrium
  • plane trusses
  • centroid
  • friction
  • kinematics of particles: linear motion of a particle, curvilinear motion, characteristics of the motion in various systems of reference
  • kinematics of rigid bodies, translation, rotation about a fixed axis
  • plane motion
  • Kknetics of particles and rigid bodies
  • application of Newton's Second Law
  • moments of inertia
  • impulse-momentum equation
  • angular momentum
  • impact
  • work-energy equation
  • dynamics of a rigid rotating about a fixed axis
  • dynamics of a rigid in plane motion.


61%: Lecture
33%: Practical (Laboratory, Practical, Workshop)
6%: Seminar


25%: Coursework (Problem Set, Report)
75%: Examination (Unseen examination)

Contact hours and workload

This module is 150 hours of work. This breaks down into 53 hours of contact time and 97 hours of independent study.

This module is running in the academic year 2019/20. We also plan to offer it in future academic years. It may become unavailable due to staff availability, student demand or updates to our curriculum. We’ll make sure to let our applicants know of such changes to modules at the earliest opportunity.