Welcome to New Students

Welcome to University of Sussex Library. If you are joining us online we would like you to know Library staff are here to support you as you start to find your way around our resources.

On this page you will find information about using the website, where to find Library resources, links to student support, along with an interactive game to help you learn more about our online services.


Using the Library Website

Welcome to Sussex Library 

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Library Resources Scavenger Hunt

Check out our scavenger hunt activities to help you learn more about our online services.                                                                                                             



Library welcome podcast - the student perspective 



Book Return/Sorter:

A check-in slot located opposite reception where you return your books. It sorts your books for library staff to shelve. There is a second slot to the right of the turnstyles as you enter the Library.


The Careers and Employability Centre is located in the Library on the ground floor. They offer advice and support with volunteering, jobs internships, CV’s etc. You can access support from them online here.


Multi Function Device used for printing or scanning documents.


The IT Services Department provides information and technical support services to students and staff.


The University's wifi service. You can find out how to connect to this on the ITS support pages here.


An electronic book in digital form accessible through your laptop and smartphone.


A digital textbook is a digital book or e-book intended to serve as the text for a class. Digital textbooks may also be known as e-textbooks or e-texts. 

Boolean Search:

A type of search which allows you to combine keywords with operators (such as AND, NOT and OR) to get more relevant results. Learn more here and try it on Library Search! 


Canvas is the University's online study platform. You will find teaching, resources and reading lists for your module. 

Library Search/Catalogue

A search engine across the Library's subscriptions, databases, articles, books, eBooks, reviews, newspapers, films and much more. Found on the Library homepage. Ensure you sign in to see our full catalogue.heretry it on Library Search! 

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