Study spaces

COVID-19 Virus.  All libraries in the United Kingdom are following Government advice and will be closed. If you are a University of Sussex student or staff members and require help to obtain resources, please contact  or use our online chat, found on our home page


 Finding the best study space for you

The Library has individual study spaces on all floors, many of which are designated reflective zones for silent study.  Additionally, areas for quiet study and group study are available throughout the Library.  Find the area that best suits your needs by referring to the Library floorplans available on each level, or by using the clearly marked banners in each area which will indicate whether you are in a Silent, Quiet or Group Study space. If you are unsure, a member of staff at the Information Hub will be able to direct you towards the best study space for you.  Please respect the rules of the space you are using, so that you and your fellow Library users can make the most of the choice of study environments. 

Silent Study

Silent Study areas are for silent individual study. Silent Study areas usually prove the most popular choice for our users and the Library now has additional space for silent study throughout the building, including an enclosed Silent Study space on the Second floor.

Quiet Study

Quiet Study areas are intended for quiet individual study.

Group Study

Group Study spaces, including the group study rooms, can be used for quiet group work.  Please be mindful of other Library users and be aware that Library regulations stipulating no mobile phone usage, mobile devices set to silent and no eating in these zones. Hot and cold drinks must be in containers with securely fastening lids.

Help us to keep your Library a great place to study

Our Library Regulations are designed with our users in mind.  Many people feel that the use of phones and other mobile devices, loud talking and food consumption is disruptive and makes it hard to study in the Library.  Please show consideration for others and make yourself aware of the guidelines for using the Library that are displayed throughout the building.  

Being disturbed by noise or disruptive behaviour?

If a study space is too noisy, or your work is being disturbed by innapropriate or disruptive behaviour, we can help.  Contact staff at the Information Hub or Reception, both located on the Ground floor, or text us on 07713 088867 and remember to tell us where you are!

Study spaces outside the Library

IT Services have put together a helpful resource that shows realtime availability of study spaces around campus. Log in to view the map.

Other study spaces on campus