Institutional Gold Open Access deals and discounts

The Library enables researchers to publish Gold Open Access at a reduced cost through a number of institutional memberships and publisher initiatives.

Researchers wishing to publish journal articles via the Gold route to Open Access may be required to pay a charge, known as the article processing charge or APC. The Library has arranged a number of institutional memberships and publisher initiatives allowing this to be done at a reduced cost. These are available to researchers affiliated with the University of Sussex or BSMS. BSMS researchers can find more information here.

The University receives block funds to support Gold Open Access for research funded by the UK Research Councils or the Wellcome Trust and certain other medical charities. Find out more about the eligibility requirements for the Research Councils or COAF.

Please note that the Library does not wish to influence authors’ decisions on where to publish and the list below is not an endorsement of any particular publisher. We always welcome suggestions for Open Access deals and memberships. 

If you are unsure about any of the deals below, please contact the Library Research Support team on 01273 877553 or

Open Access deals for all authors

American Chemical Society


Institutional All Publications package of ACS Publications 

Individual ACS membership also available


  • $250  Institutional discount on APCs per article published for University of Sussex affiliated authors
  • One year’s Individual ACS membership costing $175 attracts a further $500 APC discount per article published
  • The combined APC saving after membership costs is $575 per article published for individual ACS members who are affiliated to the University of Sussex
  • For APC costs and discounts and further membership details see member-discounts and ACS membership
  • Financial assistance with individual membership costs may be possible for University of Sussex affiliated authors acknowledging UK Research Council / COAF funding
  • Authors who require financial assistance for membership must contact the Open Access team to confirm funds before making any purchase:

Author Actions

The link in your acceptance email will direct you to the enrolment page for your manuscript

  • Click Apply Discounts button
  • Membership discount: If applicable enter your ACS Member ID
  • Institutional discount: Enter University of Sussex
  • Click the Apply Discounts button when finished

For more information visit ACS



25% discount

The Institutional Open Access Programme (IOAP)


  • Affiliated authors receive a 25% discount on the APCs for accepted articles
  • Deal applies to all MDPI journals

Author Actions

  • Authors are prompted in the last step of submission to confirm they are eligible for discounts under the open access scheme
  • The program is pre-selected if authors are submitting from an institutional computer with a registered IP address


For more information, visit MDPI

Nucleic Acids Research


Membership Scheme


  • As Sussex is a NAR member institution, the article processing charge is reduced by 50% for Corresponding authors who are affiliated with Sussex

Author actions

  • Authors should use an institutional computer with a registered IP address
  • Fill in the member version of the Open Access publication form which will be sent to you in your acceptance message

For more information, visit NAR



Institutional Plan


  • Our Institutional membership plan with PeerJ offers lifetime publishing plans for Sussex authors to publish a certain number of articles per year without cost to themselves

Author actions

  • Use your Sussex email address, follow the guidance, and select ‘Basic’ membership once your article has been accepted
  • There is an option for 'Enhanced' membership if you publish more than one paper per year
  • The request will come through to the Library from PeerJ to approve with no further action needed by you

For more information, visit PeerJ

Policy Press


20% discount 


  • Sussex-affiliated authors qualify for a 20% discount on the article processing charge for Policy Press journals

 Author actions

  • Use your University email address and flag that you are aware Sussex have a discount in your correspondence
  • Ensure you quote our customer number (CU-0286938) when enquiring about the Open Access discount

 For more information, visit Policy Press 

Royal Society Publishing


Standard Open Access Membership - Ends 24th of September 2020


  • Sussex-affiliated authors qualify for a 25% discount on the article processing charge in any Royal Society journal

 Author actions

  • Confirm your institutional membership during the submission process and use your Sussex email address to indicate your affiliation

 For more information, visit Royal Society Publishing 



SAGE Transformative 2020 - 2022

The University of Sussex has signed a transformative agreement with SAGE for unlimited open access publishing in SAGE's full portfolio of hybrid journals. 

In addition, authors publishing in any of SAGE's fully open access journals will receive a 20% discount on the open access publication fee.

For more information visit SAGE



Springer Compact Agreement 


  • Corresponding authors affiliated with the University of Sussex can publish their papers Gold open access free of charge
  • Deal applies to most Springer Open Choice journals

 Author actions

  • During the submission process state that you are affiliated with the University of Sussex and use your University email address
  • The request will come through to the Library from Springer to confirm you are eligible as a University member

 For more information, visit Springer  Also see Springer UK guide for corresponding authors [PDF 340.39KB]

Taylor & Francis


NESLi Agreement 


  • Taylor & Francis offer Sussex authors a number of vouchers giving 75% discount on the article processing charge when publishing in most Open Select Journals

 Author actions

  • On acceptance, email with your name, institutional affiliation, journal name, and article title, and request that the NESLi discount is applied to the Open Select article processing charge

For more information, visit Taylor&Francis



Wiley Transformative

The University of Sussex’s Wiley agreement allows Sussex corresponding authors to publish articles Gold open access under a Creative Commons licence. It covers research and review papers in most of Wiley's subscription (hybrid) and fully open access journals. If eligible you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this agreement.

Wiley's online guide includes lists of the journals covered, and instructions:

If you are publishing in a subscription (hybrid) journal, after acceptance log in to Wiley Author Services, click "Select OnlineOpen", choose University of Sussex as your affiliation, and provide details of any relevant funding. Then confirm that you would like to make your article OnlineOpen. The University’s Open Access Team will be notified of your request.

If you are publishing in a fully open access journal, select University of Sussex as your institution when you submit.

If your paper was funded by one of the UK Research Councils (UKRI), COAF medical charities (including Wellcome Trust) or another funder that requires the CC BY licence, ensure that you select this option when asked. The University encourages other authors to choose CC BY.


Open Access deals for Research Council/COAF funded authors only 

The prepayment account for the following publisher has been credited using funds awarded to Sussex by the UK Research Councils/COAF to support their Open Access policies. Sussex researchers acknowledging UK Research Council/COAF grants awarded to Sussex are eligible for publication in pure Gold OA only journals. The Charity Open Access Fund (COAF) is a partnership between between six health research charities.

Oxford University Press


OUP Open Access Prepayment account


  • Papers paid for using the prepay account receive 5% discount on the article processing charge for Oxford Open journals
  • Deal applies to authors affiliated with the University of Sussex who acknowledge UK Research Council or COAF funding in the paper
  • Deal applies to papers at the point of acceptance for publication

 Author actions

  • Contact the Library on submission of paper to confirm eligibility
  • Follow the instructions in the email you receive from OUP after the paper is accepted for publication
  • Select the CC-BY licence
  • On the Open Access charge page select 'Refer the charge to a Prepayment Account' and select 'University of Sussex' from the drop-down list
  • The request will come through to the Library for approval

 For more information, visit OUP