Open Access Week

Open Access Week, a global event now entering its tenth year, is an opportunity for the academic and research community to continue to learn about the potential benefits of Open Access, to share what they’ve learned with colleagues, and to help inspire wider participation in helping to make Open Access a new norm in scholarship and research.

Monday 25th October

  • Open and Engaged 2021: Understanding the Impact of Open in the Arts and Humanities Beyond the University

    9:45- 1:15pm, Online

    The British Library’s Open and Engaged 2021 online conference ‘Understanding the Impact of Open in the Arts and Humanities Beyond the University’, is part of this year’s international Open Access Week.

    Join colleagues on the morning of Monday 25 October 2021 to hear speakers explore the different impacts that open resources can have on people. They will seek to question how openness enhances the ability to engage with communities, how projects can be sustainable and make positive changes in the long-term, as well as some of the downsides to current approaches to open engagement.

    Many of the speakers come from the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) sector, and we will learn about ways cultural organisations generate, measure and report on impact, and seek useful connections across the higher education and cultural sectors.

    Further details and registration details can be found in this blog post.

    This event is hosted by the British Library

  • Introduction to Open Access Publishing- for doctoral researchers

    2:30-4pm, Online

    This workshop will introduce you to Open Access (OA) publishing and what this means for you as a researcher.

    It will cover:
    • introducing you to Open Access developments and debates
    • different routes to making your work Open Access
    • the benefits of making your doctoral thesis more widely available
    • consideration of publisher attitudes towards publishing open theses: fact vs fear
    • finding OA material to support your own literature searches

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Tuesday 26th October

  • Sharing knowledge in the open: a Wikipedia editathon 

    11- 1pm, Online

    The theme of Open Access Week 2021 focusses on building structural equity. The Library invites you to celebrate and share your research expertise while improving the world’s most used information source. In this interactive editathon, you’ll contribute to the creation and dissemination of open knowledge, and help to address underrepresentation and bias in knowledge. This workshop is for anyone who is interested in knowledge equity and Wikipedia. You’ll have the opportunity to develop pages on notable women, LGBTQ+ and BAME professionals and underrepresented issues missing from the free and open encyclopaedia.

    No prior experience of web editing is required.

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Wednesday 27th October

  • Pick 'n' mix: different flavours of Open Access at Sussex

    10- 11:30, The Meeting House

    How do you do open? What could knowledge equity look like?
    In a series of lightning talks, speakers from a range of disciplines will introduce projects that seek to make scholarly knowledge available and accessible to all. We’ll be exploring possibilities for innovation, exciting opportunities and potential challenges that open research affords.

    We'll be hearing from:

    Sam Nesbit will be discussing the role of Transformative Agreements in open access publishing at Sussex

    Dr Anna Maria Sichani from the Programming Historian project team

    Dr Katherine Farrimond, Co-Editor of REFRAME an open platform for creative and critical content

    Dr Andre Maia Chagas and the impact of Open Labware workshops

    Bethany Logan on a Psychology project to produce an open textbook

    Dr Dominic Dean will be considering open access for the REF – between policy and reality


    Tea, coffee and pastries will be provided.

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Thursday 28th October

  • Open Research Conversation: The Future of Publishing

    12- 1.30pm, Online

    This discussion will begin with Lotty Brand, Psychology, who will first lay out problems with the current publishing model and suggest what an alternative model could look like. We will then have a talk from Alex Freeman, Executive Director of Winton Centre for Risk & Evidence Communication, Cambridge and the founder of Octopus Publishing - a radical new approach to publishing.

    This event is hosted by White Rose Libraries

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  • OA with the faeries: an Open Access pub quiz (no, really)

    4.30-6pm, IDS Bar

    Do you know your Gold from your Green, your paywalls from your preprints, your Elements from your elbow?
    Come and join us for the Open Access pub quiz: test your open publishing knowledge, learn something new, and (more importantly) have a laugh & win some prizes.

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Friday 29th October

  • Open Access Mystery Game

    10.30- 12pm, Online

    You're at the 9th Advances of Research Conference when disaster strikes - there's a global lockdown of all research and it's up to you to work out who's behind it.

    Will it be the professor who relies on the h-index? The early career researcher with imposter syndrome? The problem solver who works in publishing? Or perhaps it’s the paranoid researcher who thinks you’ve stolen her ideas? Pay attention, all is not as it seems…

    Can you solve the mystery and save the world? Take on a character and explore open access in this online whodunnit-style role-playing game, organised by the Library Research Support team. 

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