Service standards

Service areaStandard2016-172017-18
Opening hours We will be open 100% of our advertised opening hours 99.9%  99.64%
Availability of IT/systems 24/7 access to the Library Search will be available for 99% of the time 99.9%  99.94%
Availability of self service facilities Self service facilities will be available 95% of opening hours 99.97%  99.75%
Availability of resources 90% of items ordered for the Library will be shelf-ready within 1 working day of receipt  100%  100%
95% of Interlibrary requests will be actioned within 3 working days of receipt  100%
Reservations will be available to collect within 24 hours of being returned  100%  100%
95% of books returned will be back on the shelf within 24 hours  99% 100%
Enquiry services

All emails and enquiries received via the online enquiry form or via should be responded to within 3 working days

 99.7%  99.9%

We undertake to consider all complaints seriously and to resolve them satisfactorily whenever possible within the Library.

If we are unable to resolve a complaint within the Library we will give details of how it can be progressed further. We aim to progress fewer than 5 complaints a year.

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Working days exclude weekends, Bank Holidays and University closure days. Some services may be subject to essential maintenance periods which will be advertised online and in the Library.