Library representatives

Guidance for Library Representatives.

University of Sussex Business School Business & Management

Elaine Swan 

  Economics Shilan Dargahi
Education and Social Work   Robert James
Engineering and Informatics   Natalia Beloff
English English Will Abberley
  Sussex Centre for Language Studies Simon Williams
Global Studies   Kit Eves
History, Art History and Philosophy History  Chris Warne
  Art History Simon Lane
  Philosophy Tanja Staehler
Law, Politics and Sociology Law Terera Sutton
  Politics Francis McGowan
  Sociology Susie Scott
Life Sciences Biology & Env Science Joanna Richardson
  Chemistry Alfredo Vargas
Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Physics and Astronomy

Daniel Litim
  Maths Michael Melgaard
Media, Film and Music   Chris Kiefer
Psychology   Nicola Yuill
BSMS   Steve Bowman
ITS   Jill Hockley