Library Collection Advisors

Would you like to be a Postgraduate Library Collections Advisor?

Do you want an opportunity to help the Library and gain transferable skills?


We are now recruiting PGT students as Collection Advisors for their school. These roles have been created to enable postgrads to contribute to the development of the Library’s resources and because we want to know more about you and what you need!

Each Advisor will have a budget for the purchase of Library materials of their choosing, in collaboration with their peers.

There will be termly informal meetings where Advisors can get together to discuss issues around Library resources.


Role description

Contribute to the development of Library collections and services

    Listen to the views of your peers’ and feedback to the library.

    Respond to your peers’ views on the availability of resources.

    Meet regularly with Library staff (termly) to discuss any issues that have come up in their School.

    Collate and communicate feedback on Library collections and resources.

    Provide opinions on new resources.

    Promote Library collections to their fellow students.

    Select new resources for the Library budget with your own budget allocation.



This will be an opportunity to influence decision-making regarding the library’s services, collections and resources. Students will benefit from

    Transferable skills development in advocacy, negotiation, budgeting and promotion.

    Having a fast method of ordering library materials.

    A role to add to their curriculum vitae.

    Feeling empowered and valued by the university.


The Library will provide the promotional materials; setup a simple ordering process for materials; guidance via Library staff and a mailing list/forum for sharing their ideas/approaches.


The closing date is Friday October 18th. You can email for more information or to put yourself forward. We look forward to hearing from you!


Please get in touch call 01273 872930