Sussex Plan Popular Articles

Over the years LASI Director Francis Ratnieks has had the pleasure of submitting many articles to popular UK beekeeping journals such as BeeCraft and BBKA News, incorporating The British Bee Journal. The submission of these articles on topics of research conducted at LASI as part of our on-going 'Sussex Plan for Honey Bee Health and Wellbeing' allows the dissemination of LASI research to some of our main stakeholders, namely beekeepers and those interested in helping bees. The articles contribute towards our commitment to public outreach and extention.

Below is a selection of recent articles to the above journals.

BeeCraft articles:

BeeCraft article The Sussex Plan for honey bee health and wellbeing [PDF 678.49KB]

BeeCraft article Hygienic Behaviour Sept 2014 [PDF 578.94KB]

BeeCraft article Honey bees return in summer 2014 [PDF 2.97MB]

BeeCraft article What do beekeepers know? Hygienic Behaviour. June 2016


BBKA News articles:

Sussex Plan 4 one page articles BBJ [PDF 3.20MB]


Individual pages to view:

Helping Bees in Urban areas BBJ 1-16 [PDF 933.99KB]

Hygienic Behaviour BBJ 1-18 [PDF 477.66KB]

Waggle dance decoding BBJ 1-17 [PDF 1.60MB]

Integrated Varroa Management BBJ 1-15 [PDF 623.42KB]


Bee World:

Roof Top Hives: Practical Beekeeping or Publicity Stunt? Dec 2016