About research data storage

Digital storage media can be unreliable, unless stored appropriately, and all file formats and physical storage media will ultimately become obsolete. For these reasons a good data storage strategy is vital.

Below are a range of storage options available to researchers at Sussex. It is recommended that you use a combination of these options and make copies of your data - see our back-up page for more information on back-up options available.

Where and how should I store my data?

It is highly recommended that you store your research data on regularly backed up networked drives managed by ITS:

  • Home Share (N drive) – up to 50GB
  • Research volume – for funded research projects, contact ITS Research Support, or if your Home Share is not sufficient for your research data, contact your School Administrator

This way you will ensure that your data will be:

  • Stored in a single place and backed up regularly
  • Available to you as and when required
  • Stored securely minimising the risk of loss, theft or unauthorised use

ITS offer a service to archive data to tape after a research project has finished.

Updated on 20 November 2020