MINTED - Moodle Integration with Enterprise Data

Technical overview of Moodle plugins

Integrating Moodle: the Minted enrolment plugin


Dan Stowell, from the Department of Life Sciences at UCL, developed an IMS Enterprise enrolment method for Moodle. This module takes an IMS Enterprise XML file and using this data, creates Moodle users and courses and handles staff roles and enrolment. We have taken this module and developed it further so that it maps more fields from the IMS-E schema into Moodle and additionally carries out update and un-enrolment operations.

This diagram shows a schematic view of how the Minted enrolment plugin maps new IMS Enterprise data: Creating new records in Moodle with IMS-E

This diagram shows a schematic view of how the Minted enrolment plugin maps existing IMS Enterprise data: Updating records in Moodle with IMS-E

Select here to see a blow-by-blow account of how the Minted enrolment plugin differs from the Moodle IMS-E enrolment plugin.

Scaling Moodle: the Minted profile plugin


When we started working with Moodle, we identified that a further area where development was needed was in enterprise-wide scaling. When an institution has a number of very different departments, it is important to be able to offer departments quite different default settings for newly created courses.

We therefore developed the Minted profile plugin to create course and user templates for each site category. This allows us to offer departments within the university the opportunity to select their own default values for user and course settings. So for example, different departments could choose to use different default themes (in Moodle the theme is a kind of 'skin', altering the visual web rendering). They can adopt a default course layout that makes sense of the kinds of uses they want students to make of the service, for example choosing to have blog settings displayed by default. They can choose defaults such as whether or not courses accept guest access, and how the system behaves in respect of hidden parts of the course.

Default settings in Moodle

The MINTED project ran between 2006-2007 and was funded by JISC as part of the E-Learning programme