MINTED - Moodle Integration with Enterprise Data


If you don't already have Moodle installed, you can download some handy installers that contain pre-integrated apache, MySQL and Moodle along with the other dependencies. These are all available from the download site (check the tabs)

The project needs you to be using Moodle 1.6. We will be upgrading our development to fit higher Moodle versions at the end of the academic year.

Minted profile plugin

Within Moodle you have the ability to define the default block structure for course sites across the whole site. We felt to make the software scaleable it was necessary to be able to devolve the choice of default blocks to a category level (this is a Moodle term, which normally maps to an institution's departments or schools). We also felt that it would be useful if course site settings and some section zero activity modules were definable at this level, and also that it would be useful to be able to define user defaults across the site. The Minted profile plugin allows you define these within the administration pages of the Moodle site.

The Minted profile plugin can work with any enrolment method. The download here will allow it to work with manual user creation, manual course creation and the Minted enrolment plugin. If you wish it to work with another enrolment method, please, contact paolo at

Download the Minted profile plugin version 1.02

There are also later versions of the Minted profile plugin. The course profile plugin 2.0 is a cut down version of the plugin. It does not create default activity modules and does not create profiles for users. This is primarily to simplify the plugin, but also because we think this part of the plugin adds the most value to the Moodle community. We recommend you to download the Minted course profile plugin 2.0 if you do not need it for user profiles and do not intend to use it with the Minted enrolment plugin.

Read about new features and download the Minted course profile plugin version 2.0

Here are the installation instructions

Minted enrolment plugin

We also developed the Minted enrolment plugin which is an extension of the Moodle IMS Enterprise enrolment plugin. Select 'Technical overview of Moodle plugins' from the side bar to see an overview what these developments included or select here to see a blow-by-blow account.

Currently, the Minted enrolment plugin will not work without having installed the Minted profile plugin. This would be reasonably trivial to fix, but as the defaults are a nice add-on we have not tried to untangle them.

Download the bundled Minted enrolment 1.5 and Minted profile plugin 1.02

Here are the installation instructions



The MINTED project ran between 2006-2007 and was funded by JISC as part of the E-Learning programme