DISCUS Interdisciplinary MSc Projects

DISCUS is working on building partnerships for Data Science MSc projects and colleagues, open to colleagues from across the University.

Participants in discussion at DISCUS & MSc Projects event


Download this year's list of MSc projects, which are suited for students on MSc Data Science, MSc Human & Social Data Science and MSc Artificial Intelligence and Adaptive Systems. 

DISCUS Interdisciplinary projects 21-22



Why create interdisciplinary MSc projects and how do we source them?

Our goal is to start off new, interdisciplinary research collaborations where data scientists can help other researchers make more of their data and pursue novel approaches to their research questions.

We run events to bring potential collaborators together and guide participants to start collaboration discussions. For anyone who wasn't able to attend or wants to know more about participants they didn't get to talk to we've created an album of the research summaries. 

RESEARCH SUMMARIES from our inaugural event in 2019


What was the purpose of the event?

The aim of this meeting is to bring together DISCUS and non DISCUS members from across the University to create a list of 19-20 MSc projects.

Successful projects will be advertised to MSc Data Science students later this year and will start during Spring 2020.

Why get involved?

Advanced data analysis can be applied to many different research areas and DISCUS has a track record of successful interdisciplinary collaborations and grant proposals.

  • Domain specific researchers: Network with data scientists who can bring innovative data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to your research

  • Data Scientists: Network with domain specific researchers who have under-exploited data sets

  • All: Define interdisciplinary MSc projects to support your research and test how interdisciplinary collaboration works

How can I find out more?

Please contact Louise Winters to join our DISCUS mailing list and recieve updates.