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If you are interested in taking part please can you email in the first instance and we will be in touch with you soon. Do ensure you add the title of the group/workshop you are interested in attending


Panic Attacks

A 2 week group date to be announced shortly. Panic attacks are very intense and debilitating. This series of workshops is focused upon reaching a greater understanding in how panic works, which can be very helpful in learning to overcome them. We will offer strategies for coping with the unpleasant experience, and consider how you might be able to overcome them. Don’t let panic stop you attending, everyone is there for the same reason. Let’s overcome them together.

Health Anxiety

A 2 week group date to be announced shortly. If you experience health anxiety, you may have a heightened awareness of strong physical sensations. This often leads people to check symptoms on the internet, repeatedly seeking reassurance from medical professionals or loved ones, or perhaps avoiding medical appointments completely. It is common to fear having a terminal or debilitating medical condition. If you recognise any of these aspects, it might be worth coming to this group to have a greater understanding of just how profoundly anxiety causes physical changes in the body, and how to overcome it.


Feedback from workshops

"Lovely presenters, engaging, made me feel better about coming forward’"

"Really clear and helpful. There can never be too many workshops like this’.

"I've found attending the Panic Group immensely helpful; I feel I'm starting to make progress and am feeling a lot more hopeful and empowered with the help of this group and counselling. I'd just like to thank you for facilitating such a helpful, inclusive, empowering group and for being so approachable, knowledgeable and helpful!"

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