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Ingenuity - Impact through enterprise

13 August 2020

Launching in September, Ingenuity is seeking students and alumni who are interested in setting up an impact-led business to invest over £400,000.

Analysing Sustainable Development Goals in the Peruvian Amazon

30 July 2020

A new research project is working with an NGO responsible for managing a large area of rainforest on the Western frontier of the Amazon basin in Peru.

Parallel supply chain model proposed to Select Committee included in Committee’s recommendations

29 July 2020

Evidence to the International Trade Select Committee by the UK Trade Policy Observatory was included in the Committee’s recommendations to Government.

To end King Coal’s reign, must his loyal subjects get paid? Compensating phase-out losers for a just transition

27 July 2020

Governments should be prepared to pay billions of pounds to operators of coal-fired power plants in agreements to shut down their plants early.

SPRU professor receives project management honour

22 July 2020

Professor Andrew Davies has been named an Honorary Fellow of the The Association for Project Management (APM).

Graduation 2020: "I knew I wanted to prove people wrong”

22 July 2020

Failing her A-Levels at the first attempt did not stop accounting and finance graduate Cynthia Royer from reaching, and excelling in, higher education

Graduation 2020: "These troubling times that we face teach us to adapt more than ever"

21 July 2020

International Business student Mathilde B overcame pneumonia in her final year to achieve first-class honours.

Research after COVID-19: Sharing insights across disciplines

20 July 2020

A recent workshop generated interdisciplinary conversations around the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on business research.

Sussex researchers team up with South Africa on water governance

17 July 2020

New policy experiment will contribute towards a national roadmap for water management.

Dr Zahira Jaser, University of Sussex Business School: "It took great self-belief and courage to stand tall."

13 July 2020

Dr Zahira Jaser reflects on how her first career in corporate banking is helping her to envision women in leadership roles.

Items 1 to 10 of 484

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