Holocaust Memorial Day 2021

The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2021 was "Be the light in the darkness".

This year we recorded the video testimonial of Holocaust survivors, Peter Summerfield BEM, and his twin brother George Summerfield who spoke about their escape from Nazi Germany. We then held a special live Q&A session with the brothers so they could answer questions about what was discussed in the video and about their lives under the Nazi regime. Both videos are available to watch below. 

About our speakers:

George and Peter were born in Berlin in 1933, four months after Hitler came to power. Their parents were already suffering under the restrictions placed on Jewish people by the Nazis and, from 1936, they tried to find a country which would accept the family as immigrants. In August 1939, the family were finally able to escape by catching the last train to leave Berlin before war was declared. However, all their possessions and luggage were stolen, and, in August 1939, they arrived in England, penniless and with only hand luggage. Sadly, not all their family were able to flee to the UK and their grandmother and uncle were murdered by the Nazis.