planttype tree
hydrohalophyte (Hyhal)
Tidal swamp or "mangrove" and coastal lagoon elements and temperate zone salt marsh species are classed together.
chasmophyte (Chas)
Cliff-dwelling species, usually facing the sea, some of which are included as being suspected (or "latent") halophytes.
phreatophyte (Phrea)
Deep-rooted plants – usually trees- obtaining water from a deep underground source that may or may not be saline.
psammophile (Psamm)
Sand-loving plants commonly found in littoral strand or inland sandfields.
xerophyte (Xero)
Drought-tolerant and drought-adapted plants.
weedy (Weedy)
This inexact term is meant to indicate a high degree of adaptability to sites, and proven tendency toward aggressive colonization of either dry or wet sites, or rarely, both. In general, weeds invade and colonize highly disturbed sites or areas.
xerohalophyte (Xeroh)
Plants adapted to inland salt desert and saline habitats.