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Publication Type J
Authors Llanes, A; Andrade, A; Masciarelli, O; Alemano, S; Luna, V
Author Full Name Llanes, Analia; Andrade, Andrea; Masciarelli, Oscar; Alemano, Sergio; Luna, Virginia
Title Drought and salinity alter endogenous hormonal profiles at the seed germination phase
Language English
Document Type Review
Author Keywords drought; phytohormones; salinity; seed germination
Abstract The most critical phase in plant life is seed germination, which is influenced by environmental factors. Drought and salinity are key environmental factors that affect seed germination. Reduction or alterations of germination when seeds are exposed to these factors have been shown to be due to either the adverse effects of water limitation and/or specific ion toxicity on metabolism. Phytohormones are chemical messengers produced within the plant that control its growth and development in response to environmental cues; small fluctuations of phytohormone levels alter the cellular dynamics and, hence, play a central role in regulating plant growth responses to these environmental factors. To integrate current knowledge, the present review focuses on the involvement of endogenous phytohormones in plant adaptative responses to drought and salinity at one of the plant's developmental phases.
Author Address [Llanes, Analia; Andrade, Andrea; Masciarelli, Oscar; Alemano, Sergio; Luna, Virginia] Univ Nacl Rio Cuarto, Fac Ciencias Exactas Fis Quim & Nat, Dept Ciencias Nat, Lab Fisiol Vegetal, Ruta 36 Km 601 CP X5804ZAB, Cordoba, Argentina
Reprint Address Llanes, A; Luna, V (reprint author), Univ Nacl Rio Cuarto, Fac Ciencias Exactas Fis Quim & Nat, Dept Ciencias Nat, Lab Fisiol Vegetal, Ruta 36 Km 601 CP X5804ZAB, Cordoba, Argentina.
E-mail Address allanes@exa.unrc.edu.ar; vluna@exa.unrc.edu.ar
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Cited Reference Count 136
Times Cited 5
Total Times Cited Count (WoS, BCI, and CSCD) 5
Publisher City CAMBRIDGE
ISSN 0960-2585
29-Character Source Abbreviation SEED SCI RES
ISO Source Abbreviation Seed Sci. Res.
Publication Date MAR
Year Published 2016
Volume 26
Issue 1
Beginning Page 1
Ending Page 13
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.1017/S0960258515000331
Subject Category 13
Document Delivery Number Plant Sciences
Unique Article Identifier Plant Sciences
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