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Publication Type J
Authors Coteff, C; Van Auken, OW
Author Full Name Coteff, C.; Van Auken, O. W.
Title Sampling requirements for estimation of the soil seed bank of a west Texas salt marsh
Language English
Document Type Article
Abstract The purpose of this study was to determine the sample incubation time, surface area, depth of the soil sample and number of soil samples required to adequately estimate the seed bank of the Distichlis spicata (saltgrass) community, the most widespread of the salt marsh communities, in the Diamond Y Spring Preserve, north of Fort Stockton, Texas. The locally abundant but geographically rare and threatened puzzle or Pecos sunflower (Helianthus paradoxus) is found in this salt marsh Community. Soil samples should be incubated for 6 to 8 weeks after cold stratification, but there were no significant differences in the total number of seeds germinated between 5 and 13 weeks (260-323 seeds germinated). A sample size with all area of 0.1 m(2) and 6 cm in depth was sufficient to sample the soil seed bank in this inland salt marsh community. No viable seeds of any species were found in the 10 cm deep samples and 99.4% were less than 6 cm deep. Additionally, 15 soil samples seemed adequate to sample the area, although the variance was high ((X) over bar =92.4, SD=85 seeds/m(2)).
Author Address [Coteff, C.; Van Auken, O. W.] Univ Texas San Antonio, Dept Biol, San Antonio, TX 78249 USA
Reprint Address Coteff, C (reprint author), Univ Texas San Antonio, Dept Biol, San Antonio, TX 78249 USA.
E-mail Address oscar.vanauken@utsa.edu
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Cited Reference Count 73
Publisher City KERRVILLE
Publisher Address CMB 6252, SCHREINER UNIV, KERRVILLE, TX 78028-5697 USA
ISSN 0040-4403
29-Character Source Abbreviation TEX J SCI
ISO Source Abbreviation Tex. J. Sci.
Publication Date NOV
Year Published 2006
Volume 58
Issue 4
Beginning Page 349
Ending Page 370
Subject Category 22
Document Delivery Number Ecology; Zoology
Unique Article Identifier Environmental Sciences & Ecology; Zoology
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