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Publication Type J
Authors Cui, ZH; Guo, ZQ; Miao, JH; Wang, ZW; Li, QQ; Chai, XY; Li, MH
Author Full Name Cui, Zhanhu; Guo, Zhiqin; Miao, Jianhua; Wang, Zhenwang; Li, Qianquan; Chai, Xingyun; Li, Minhui
Title The genus Cynomorium in China: An ethnopharmacological and phytochemical review
Language English
Document Type Review
Author Keywords Cynomorium; Cynomorium songaricum; Cynomorium coccineum; Traditional uses; Phytochemistry; Pharmacology
Abstract Ethnopharmacological relevance: Species of the genus Cynomorium (Cynomoriaceae), including C. songaricum Rupr. and C. coccineum L., have a long history of use in traditional medicine to treat various ailments such as impotence, premature ejaculation, kidney-yang deficiency, spermatorrhea, colic, and stomach ulcers. In addition, these species are Used in health foods, tea, and cosmetics. Aim of the review: The aim of this review is to provide comprehensive information on the botany, traditional uses, phytochemistry, pharmacological research, and toxicology of C. songaricum and C. coccineum and to explore the therapeutic potential and future research opportunities of these species. Materials and methods: All available information on C. songaricum and C. coccineum was collected via electronic search (using PubMed, ACS, CNKI, Google Scholar, Baidu Scholar, and Web of Science). Results: The ethnomedical uses of C. songaricum and C. coccineum in Saudi Arabia, China, Afghanistan, Mongolia, and Iran for several types of ailments were recorded. A phytochemical investigation revealed the presence of flavonoids, terpenoids, phloroglucinol adducts, saccharides, phenylpropanoids, steroids, organic acids, and other compounds. The crude extracts and pure compounds from C. songaricum and C. coccineum exhibited a wide spectrum of in vitro and in vivo pharmacological activity, including anti-fatigue, anti-hypoxia, anti-oxidation, anti-diabetic, immune system modulating, and antiviral activity. Conclusions: Cynomorium species have emerged as a source of traditional medicine. Many studies have provided evidence for the therapeutic efficacy of these species in treating various conditions and possible mechanisms. However, further research is required for the development of new drugs and therapies for the treatment of various diseases, especially cancer and diabetes. Therefore, this review on the ethnopharmacology, phytochemistiy, and toxicity of Cynomorium species will provide helpful data for further studies and commercial exploitation of the species. (C) 2013 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.
Author Address [Cui, Zhanhu; Miao, Jianhua; Li, Minhui] Guangxi Bot Garden Med Plants, Nanning 530023, Peoples R China; [Cui, Zhanhu; Wang, Zhenwang; Li, Qianquan; Li, Minhui] Baotou Med Coll, Baotou 014060, Inner Mongolia, Peoples R China; [Guo, Zhiqin; Chai, Xingyun] Beijing Univ Chinese Med, Modern Res Ctr Tradit Chinese Med, Beijing 100029, Peoples R China
Reprint Address Chai, XY (reprint author), Beijing Univ Chinese Med, Modern Res Ctr Tradit Chinese Med, Beijing 100029, Peoples R China.
E-mail Address xingyunchai@yeah.net; li_minhui@yahoo.cn
Funding Agency and Grant Number Chinese National Natural Science Foundation [81060372]; Chinese ministry of education [211033];
Funding Text This work was financially supported by a grant (81060372) from the Chinese National Natural Science Foundation, the key project of the Chinese ministry of education (211033) and the
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Cited Reference Count 136
Times Cited 12
Total Times Cited Count (WoS, BCI, and CSCD) 15
Publisher City CLARE
ISSN 0378-8741
29-Character Source Abbreviation J ETHNOPHARMACOL
ISO Source Abbreviation J. Ethnopharmacol.
Publication Date MAY 2
Year Published 2013
Volume 147
Issue 1
Beginning Page 1
Ending Page 15
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.1016/j.jep.2013.01.020
Page Count 15
Web of Science Category Plant Sciences; Chemistry, Medicinal; Integrative & Complementary Medicine; Pharmacology & Pharmacy
Subject Category Plant Sciences; Pharmacology & Pharmacy; Integrative & Complementary Medicine
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Unique Article Identifier WOS:000318386000001
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