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Publication Type J
Authors Dasgupta, S; Sobhan, I; Wheeler, D
Author Full Name Dasgupta, Susmita; Sobhan, Istiak; Wheeler, David
Title The impact of climate change and aquatic salinization on mangrove species in the Bangladesh Sundarbans
Source AMBIO
Language English
Document Type Article
Author Keywords Aquatic salinization; Bangladesh: Sundarbans; Climate change; Mangrove
Abstract This paper investigates the possible impacts of climate change on aquatic salinity and mangrove species in the Bangladesh Sundarbans. The impact analysis combines the salinity tolerance ranges of predominant mangrove species with aquatic salinity measures in 27 scenarios of climate change by 2050. The estimates indicate significant overall losses for Heritiera fomes; substantial gains for Excoecaria agallocha; modest changes for Avicennia alba, A. marina, A. officinalis, Ceriops decandra, and Sonneratia apetala; and mixed results for species combinations. Changes in mangrove stocks are likely to change the prospects for forest-based livelihoods. The implications for neighboring communities are assessed by computing changes in high-value mangrove species for the five sub-districts in the Sundarbans. The results of the impact analysis indicate highly varied patterns of gain and loss across the five sub-districts. Overall, however, the results suggest that salinity-induced mangrove migration will have a strongly regressive impact on the value of timber stocks because of the loss of highest value timber species, Heritiera fomes. In addition, the augmented potential for honey production will likely increase conflicts between humans and wildlife in the region.
Author Address [Dasgupta, Susmita] World Bank, Dev Res Grp, 1818 H St, Washington, DC 20433 USA; [Sobhan, Istiak] World Bank, E-32, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh; [Wheeler, David] World Resources Inst, 10 G St NE 800, Washington, DC 20002 USA
Reprint Address Dasgupta, S (reprint author), World Bank, Dev Res Grp, 1818 H St, Washington, DC 20433 USA.
E-mail Address sdasgupta@worldbank.org; Istiak.sobhan@yahoo.com; wheelrdr@gmail.com
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Cited Reference Count 54
Publisher SPRINGER
Publisher City DORDRECHT
ISSN 0044-7447
29-Character Source Abbreviation AMBIO
ISO Source Abbreviation Ambio
Publication Date OCT
Year Published 2017
Volume 46
Issue 6
Beginning Page 680
Ending Page 694
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.1007/s13280-017-0911-0
Page Count 15
Web of Science Category Engineering, Environmental; Environmental Sciences
Subject Category Engineering; Environmental Sciences & Ecology
Document Delivery Number FG8TX
Unique Article Identifier WOS:000410711600006
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