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Authors Kawarasaki, SH; Hamano, H; Aikawa, S; Utsugi, H; Saito, M; Tanouchi, H; Kojima, T; Yamada, K
Author Full Name Kawarasaki, Satoko H.; Hamano, Hiroyuki; Aikawa, Shin-ichi; Utsugi, Hajime; Saito, Masahiro; Tanouchi, Hiroyuki; Kojima, Toshinori; Yamada, Koichi
Title Growth of Trees Planted for Rehabilitation of a Saline Area of the Wheatbelt in Western Australia
Language English
Document Type Article
Author Keywords abandoned field; agroforestry; waterlogging
Abstract We clarified the relationship between environmental factors and the growth of seven Eucalyptus species and Casuarina obesa planted at an afforestation site in southern Western Australia's wheatbelt. The site consisted of abandoned fields damaged by secondary salinity associated with waterlogging. Afforestation is expected to progressively rehabilitate the land, which has a slight slope generating a large environmental gradient. During the rainy season, waterlogging (soil becoming saturated with water) occured at the lower part of the site, but not at the higher part. The level of salt ill the soil (EC(1:5)) increased gradually from higher to lower ground (0.34-2.7 dS m(-1)). Tree size and growth rate were negatively related to waterlogging intensity and showed small values at the lower part of the Site, With only a Slight effect Oil tree size and growth rate. Moreover, interspecific differences in size and growth rate were observed. Eucalyptus sargentii and E. occidentalis had larger sizes and faster growth rates than E. camaldulensis. Trees planted under waterlogging conditions at the lower part of the site are likely to fail due to poor growth; therefore, afforestation should begin on higher ground where trees would experience normal growth, and in doing so, reduce the soil water content to rehabilitate the land. Improvement of water balance through afforestation would confirm the benefits of appropriate agroforestry management.
Author Address [Kawarasaki, Satoko H.; Aikawa, Shin-ichi; Tanouchi, Hiroyuki] FFPRI, Dept Forest Vegetat, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 3058687, Japan; [Hamano, Hiroyuki] Natl Res Inst Environm Studies, Asian Environm Res Grp, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 3058506, Japan; [Utsugi, Hajime] FFPRI, Hokkaido Res Ctr, Sapporo, Hokkaido 0628516, Japan; [Saito, Masahiro] Mie Univ, Fac Bioresources, Tsu, Mie 5148507, Japan; [Kojima, Toshinori] Seikei Univ, Fac Sci & Technol, Tokyo 1808633, Japan; [Yamada, Koichi] Univ Tokyo, Bunkyo Ku, Tokyo 1138654, Japan
Reprint Address Kawarasaki, SH (reprint author), FFPRI, Dept Forest Vegetat, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 3058687, Japan.
E-mail Address kawara@affrc.go.jp
Funding Agency and Grant Number Global Environment Research Fund of the Ministry of the Environment (GHG-SSCP Project); New Energy Development Organization (NEDO)
Funding Text We thank Mr. B. Carter for allowing us to undertake this research oil his property, Mr. T. Emmot for identifying species and facilitating Our investigation, Western Climate Service Centre for furnishing data, and the Students front Seikei, Osaka, and Mic Universities for assisting in the research. This research was partially supported by grants from the Global Environment Research Fund of the Ministry of the Environment (GHG-SSCP Project) and the New Energy Development Organization (NEDO).
Cited References *AUSTR GOV BUR MET, 2008, CLIM SERV; Bardet J. P., 1997, EXPT SOIL MECH, P583; Beadle N. C. W., 1981, The vegetation of Australia.; Bell DT, 1999, AUST J BOT, V47, P697, DOI 10.1071/BT96110; Benyon RG, 2006, AUST J BOT, V54, P181, DOI 10.1071/BT05046; BERESFORD Q, 2004, SALINITY CRISIS LAND, P335; Berry SL, 2006, AUST J BOT, V54, P325, DOI 10.1071/BT05138; DIAMOND J, 2005, COLLAPSE SOC CHOOSE, P378; *FOR ENG CONS, 2005, HDB FOR CIV ENG, P72; George PR, 1985, 685 DEP AGR W AUSTR; HAYES G, 1997, 1697 LWRRDC; MARCAR NE, 2004, TREES SALINE LANDSCA, P246; Marcar N, 2005, NEW FORESTS: WOOD PRODUCTION AND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, P51; Morris J, 2005, NEW FORESTS: WOOD PRODUCTION AND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, P75; *NAT COMM AS SCH, 2001, AS SCH PREP YOUNG AM, P6; PEREIRA JS, 1977, PHYSIOL PLANTARUM, V41, P184, DOI 10.1111/j.1399-3054.1977.tb05555.x; Potts B. M., 2004, ENCY FOREST SCI, P1480; SHARMA ML, 1984, AGR WATER MANAGE, V8, P41, DOI 10.1016/0378-3774(84)90045-3; WILLIAMSON DR, 1987, J HYDROL, V94, P1, DOI 10.1016/0022-1694(87)90030-8
Cited Reference Count 19
Times Cited 1
Total Times Cited Count (WoS, BCI, and CSCD) 1
Publisher City IBARAKI
Publisher Address TSUKUBA, IBARAKI, 305-8686, JAPAN
ISSN 0021-3551
29-Character Source Abbreviation JARQ-JPN AGR RES Q
ISO Source Abbreviation Jarq - Jpn. Agric. Res. Q.
Publication Date JAN
Year Published 2010
Volume 44
Issue 1
Beginning Page 37
Ending Page 43
Page Count 7
Web of Science Category Agriculture, Multidisciplinary
Subject Category Agriculture
Document Delivery Number 568DP
Unique Article Identifier WOS:000275502500006
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