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Publication Type J
Authors Drake, PL; Coleman, BF; Vogwill, R
Author Full Name Drake, Paul L.; Coleman, Blaire F.; Vogwill, Ryan
Title The response of semi-arid ephemeral wetland plants to flooding: linking water use to hydrological processes
Language English
Document Type Article
Author Keywords dendrometer; groundwater; infiltration; macopores; salinity; transpiration; water potential
Abstract Evergreen plants inhabiting ephemeral wetlands endure long dry spells interspersed with periods of flooding (or inundation). Inundation events are likely to be important for plant water use and growth, but few studies have linked the physiology of plants to hydrological processes during flood. We investigated the link between changes in the soil physical environment and plant water use traits in a stand of Casuarina obesa Miq and Melaleuca strobophylla Barlow trees during a controlled inundation event at Toolibin Lake. Toolibin Lake is an internationally recognized ephemeral wetland, which is under threat from altered hydrology and salinization. During flood, the velocity of water movement through the clay-dominated soil profile suggested that macropores and plant root preferential flow paths aided water distribution. C.obesa was more capable than M.strobophylla to capitalize on the inundation event, suggesting preferential use of macropore water and a concentration of roots near the soil surface. Sap flux (Q(S)) and tree diameter (phi) were interdependent and there was a correlation between increasing phi and increasing pre-dawn leaf water potential ((pd)). These observations link the movement of water through the soil profile with changes in tree water use and tree girth in C.obesa and M.strobophylla. Changes in the soil physical environment observed in this study also highlight the risks associated with hydrological management in salinity-affected ecosystems. Although floods provide fresh water to the root zone of trees, the resulting recharge may also elevate saline groundwater into the region of plant water uptake. Copyright (c) 2012 Commonwealth of Australia
Author Address [Drake, Paul L.; Coleman, Blaire F.; Vogwill, Ryan] Dept Environm & Conservat, Nat Resources Branch, Bentley, WA 6983, Australia; [Vogwill, Ryan] Univ Western Australia, Sch Earth & Environm, Nedlands, WA 6009, Australia
Reprint Address Drake, PL (reprint author), Dept Environm & Conservat, Nat Resources Branch, Locked Bag 104,Bentley Delivery Ctr, Bentley, WA 6983, Australia.
E-mail Address paul.drake@dec.wa.gov.au
ORCID Number Drake, Paul/0000-0002-1329-180X
Funding Agency and Grant Number Future Farm Industries Cooperative Research Centre (FFI CRC)
Funding Text This project was financially supported by the Future Farm Industries Cooperative Research Centre (FFI CRC). Thanks to Darren Farmer, Ray McKnight, Maria Lee, Jen Higbid, Jon Waters and Rachael Wroe for technical assistance and to Ken Wallace, Gary Ogden and Ray Froend for helpful comments. Two anonymous reviewers provided constructive feedback on an earlier version of this manuscript.
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Cited Reference Count 41
Times Cited 6
Total Times Cited Count (WoS, BCI, and CSCD) 6
Publisher City HOBOKEN
Publisher Address 111 RIVER ST, HOBOKEN 07030-5774, NJ USA
ISSN 1936-0584
29-Character Source Abbreviation ECOHYDROLOGY
ISO Source Abbreviation Ecohydrology
Publication Date OCT
Year Published 2013
Volume 6
Issue 5
Beginning Page 852
Ending Page 862
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.1002/eco.1309
Page Count 11
Web of Science Category Ecology; Environmental Sciences; Water Resources
Subject Category Environmental Sciences & Ecology; Water Resources
Document Delivery Number 232IP
Unique Article Identifier WOS:000325487300015
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