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Authors Kchaou, M; Ben Salah, H; Mnafgui, K; Abdennabi, R; Gharsallah, N; Elfeki, A; Damak, M; Allouche, N
Author Full Name Kchaou, M.; Ben Salah, H.; Mnafgui, K.; Abdennabi, R.; Gharsallah, N.; Elfeki, A.; Damak, M.; Allouche, N.
Title Chemical Composition and Biological Activities of Zygophyllum album (L.) Essential Oil from Tunisia
Language English
Document Type Article
Author Keywords Anti-bacterial activity; Anti-diabetic; Antioxidant property; Anti-obesity activity; Pancreatic lipase inhibition
Abstract The aim of the present study was to investigate the antioxidant, anti-diabetic, antiobesity and anti-bacterial activities and the chemical composition of essential oil of Zygophyllum album leaves (Zygophyllaceae) harvested from Douz (Tunisia). GC-MS analysis of essential oil of Z. album resulted in the identification of nineteen compounds representing 91.55% of the total oil. 2,6-Di(tert-butyl) phenol, delta decalactone, cocolactone and carvacrol were the principal components comprising 63.65% of the oil. The antioxidant activity of essential oil of Z. album was evaluated using 2,2-DiPhenyl-1-PicrylHydrazyl (DPPH), reducing power and total antioxidant capacity assays. The obtained results reveal that the essential oil of Z. album is endowed with potent antioxidant property. In addition, the IC50 value of essential oil of Z. album against alpha-amylase was 43.17 mu g mL(-1) and that against pancreatic lipase was 85.95 mu g mL(-1), suggesting powerful anti-diabetic and anti-obesity effects, respectively. Moreover, the essential oil of Z. album showed a significant anti-bacterial activity especially against Gram (+) bacteria. This study suggests that essential oil of Z. album may be used as a potential natural source for anti-oxidative, anti-diabetic and anti-microbial agents in drug and food industries.
Author Address [Kchaou, M.; Ben Salah, H.; Damak, M.; Allouche, N.] Univ Sfax, Fac Sci Sfax, Lab Chem Nat Subst, PB 1171, Sfax 3000, Tunisia; [Mnafgui, K.; Elfeki, A.] Univ Sfax, Fac Sci Sfax, Lab Anim Ecophysiol, PB 1171, Sfax 3000, Tunisia; [Abdennabi, R.; Gharsallah, N.] Fac Sci Sfax, Lab Plant Biotechnol Appl Crop Improvement, PB 1171, Sfax 3000, Tunisia
Reprint Address Ben Salah, H (reprint author), Univ Sfax, Fac Sci Sfax, Lab Chem Nat Subst, PB 1171, Sfax 3000, Tunisia.
E-mail Address ben_salah9@yahoo.fr
Funding Agency and Grant Number Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research, Tunisia
Funding Text This research was supported by the Ministry of High Education andScientific Research, Tunisia.
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Cited Reference Count 52
Publisher City TEHRAN
Publisher Address FAC AGRICULTURE, PO BOX 14115-336, TEHRAN, 00000, IRAN
ISSN 1680-7073
29-Character Source Abbreviation J AGR SCI TECH-IRAN
ISO Source Abbreviation J. Agric. Sci. Technol.
Publication Date NOV-DEC
Year Published 2016
Volume 18
Issue 6
Beginning Page 1499
Ending Page 1510
Page Count 12
Web of Science Category Agriculture, Multidisciplinary
Subject Category Agriculture
Document Delivery Number DX3DV
Unique Article Identifier WOS:000384254400006
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