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Publication Type J
Authors Koedsin, W; Vaiphasa, C
Author Full Name Koedsin, Werapong; Vaiphasa, Chaichoke
Title Discrimination of Tropical Mangroves at the Species Level with EO-1 Hyperion Data
Language English
Document Type Article
Author Keywords feature selection; hyperspectral; mangrove; mapping; remote sensing; species composition
Abstract Understanding the dynamics of mangroves at the species level is the key for securing sustainable conservation of mangrove forests around the globe. This study demonstrates the capability of the hyper-dimensional remote sensing data for discriminating diversely-populated tropical mangrove species. It was found that five different tropical mangrove species of Southern Thailand, including Avicennia alba, Avicennia marina, Bruguiera parviflora, Rhizophora apiculata, and Rhizophora mucronata, were correctly classified. The selected data treatment (a well-established spectral band selector) helped improve the overall accuracy from 86% to 92%, despite the remaining confusion between the two members of the Rhizophoraceae family and the pioneer species. It is therefore anticipated that the methodology presented in this study can be used as a practical guideline for detailed mangrove species mapping in other study areas. The next stage of this work will be to exploit the differences between the leaf textures of the two Rhizophoraceae mangroves in order to refine the classification outcome.
Author Address [Koedsin, Werapong; Vaiphasa, Chaichoke] Chulalongkorn Univ, Fac Engn, Dept Survey Engn, Bangkok 10330, Thailand; [Koedsin, Werapong] Prince Songkla Univ, Fac Technol & Environm, Phuket 83120, Thailand
Reprint Address Vaiphasa, C (reprint author), Chulalongkorn Univ, Fac Engn, Dept Survey Engn, Bangkok 10330, Thailand.
E-mail Address werapong.g@phuket.psu.ac.th; chaichoke@hotmail.com
ORCID Number Koedsin, Werapong/0000-0002-4411-9148
Funding Agency and Grant Number Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Thailand under the Strategic Scholarships Fellowships Frontier Research Networks (Specific for Southern region) (CHE-SSR-PhD-THA)
Funding Text We would like to acknowledge the Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Thailand for providing the financial support under the Strategic Scholarships Fellowships Frontier Research Networks (Specific for Southern region) (CHE-SSR-PhD-THA). The EO-1 satellite image was provided by the US Geological Survey. And, we would like to thank the staff at Mangrove Development Station 44 for their kind support. Finally, we would like to thank Thanwa Saggapitakwong for his support in the fieldwork.
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Cited Reference Count 108
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Publisher MDPI AG
Publisher City BASEL
ISSN 2072-4292
29-Character Source Abbreviation REMOTE SENS-BASEL
ISO Source Abbreviation Remote Sens.
Publication Date JUL
Year Published 2013
Volume 5
Issue 7
Beginning Page 3562
Ending Page 3582
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.3390/rs5073562
Page Count 21
Web of Science Category Remote Sensing
Subject Category Remote Sensing
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Unique Article Identifier WOS:000328626000021
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