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Publication Type J
Authors Bvenura, C; Afolayan, AJ
Author Full Name Bvenura, Callistus; Afolayan, Anthony J.
Title The role of wild vegetables in household food security in South Africa: A review
Language English
Document Type Review
Author Keywords Food security; Wild vegetables; Nutrition; Ethnobotany
Abstract Wild vegetables are a common and important source of food and nutrition in the rural areas where they can be harvested from backyard gardens, animal houses or agricultural fields. These plant species which were initially primary sources of food in many societies have been marginalised in favour of exotic vegetables. Micronutrient deficiencies, especially in children, continue to be a global cause for concern and yet numerous reports have revealed the high nutritional value of wild vegetables. If they are incorporated into the diet, wild vegetables can alleviate some of the micronutrient deficiency concerns. In this paper, literature on ethnobotanical knowledge of wild vegetables in South Africa is reviewed with a view to reveal their potential role in household food security. The outcome of the literature search revealed only 103 plant species from a total of 33 families in five out of nine provinces. In South Africa the cultivation of these wild vegetables has so far been limited to only two provinces. These important plant foods are clearly underutilised although they potentially have a big role to play in food security. Wild vegetables need to be revitalised and brought back into the mainstream diet so that they can play their role in food security. More work needs to be done to document these important food plants in all the provinces of South Africa to create an updated inventory. If these species continue to be neglected and underappreciated, knowledge about them may soon be lost in time and never be recovered. (C) 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
Author Address [Bvenura, Callistus; Afolayan, Anthony J.] Univ Ft Hare, MPED Res Ctr, Dept Bot, ZA-5700 Alice, South Africa
Reprint Address Afolayan, AJ (reprint author), Univ Ft Hare, MPED Res Ctr, Dept Bot, P Bag X1314, ZA-5700 Alice, South Africa.
E-mail Address aafolayan@ufh.ac.za
Funding Agency and Grant Number Govan Mbeki Research and Development Center of the University of Fort Hare
Funding Text We are thankful to the Govan Mbeki Research and Development Center of the University of Fort Hare for funding this work.
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Cited Reference Count 116
Times Cited 1
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Publisher City AMSTERDAM
Publisher Address PO BOX 211, 1000 AE AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS
ISSN 0963-9969
29-Character Source Abbreviation FOOD RES INT
ISO Source Abbreviation Food Res. Int.
Publication Date OCT
Year Published 2015
Volume 76
Part Number 4
Special Issue SI
Beginning Page 1001
Ending Page 1011
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.1016/j.foodres.2015.06.013
Page Count 11
Web of Science Category Food Science & Technology
Subject Category Food Science & Technology
Document Delivery Number CT2GA
Unique Article Identifier WOS:000362618800015
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