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Authors Kouidhi, S., O. Zidi, S. Abdelwahed, Y. Souissi, N. Trabelsi, A. Redissi, M. Hamdi, E. Trabelsi, Y. Amara, T. Bhiri, R. Khrouf, B. Selmi, S. Achour, A. Cherif, W. Mnif and A. Mosbah
Title Investigation of the Chemical Composition and Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities of Lobularia maritima: Potent Therapeutic Applications
Source Journal of Chemistry
Language English
Author Keywords essential oils antibacterial properties membrane toxicity medicinal-plants extracts identification 3-sambubioside-5-glucosides isothiocyanate mechanisms pattern Chemistry
Abstract Lobularia maritima, commonly known as sweet alyssum, is an annual ornamental halophyte widely spread along the Tunisian seashore. However, little is known about the phytochemical, antioxidant, and antimicrobial activities of Lobularia maritima. The present study aimed to investigate the potential biological properties of different parts (flowers, leaves, roots, and stems) of Tunisian L. maritima using diverse extraction methods. Extracts were then studied for their antioxidant properties, and the highest antioxidant activity was presented in the roots' fractions. Added to this, flower, leaf, and root fractions showed interesting antimicrobial and antifungal activities against different Gram+ and Gram- bacteria and against Aspergillus ochraceus. Finally, the most active fractions (presenting the highest biological activities) were analyzed using silica gel purification and mass spectrometry coupled to gas chromatography (GC-MS) analysis, and different compounds were identified such as camphor, amide of oleic acids, tributyl acetylcitrate, betulinaldehyde, menthol, 1 '-(butyn-3-one-1-yl)-, (1S, 2S, 5R), benzyl benzoate, 7-acetyl-6-ethyl-1,1,4,4-tetramethyltetralin, 2,4-heptadienal, (E,E), and nootkaton-11,12-epoxide. This work represents the first in-depth investigation of the content of bioactive compounds from Lobularia maritima. This species could potentially be a promising source of useful compounds for therapeutic applications.
Author Address [Kouidhi, Soumaya; Zidi, Oumaima; Abdelwahed, Soukaina; Souissi, Yasmine; Redissi, Alaeddine; Hamdi, Manel; Trabelsi, Emna; Amara, Yosra; Bhiri, Taher; Khrouf, Rim; Cherif, Ameur; Mosbah, Amor] Univ Manouba, ISBST, BVBGR, LR11ES31,Biotechpole Sidi Thabet, Ariana 2020, Tunisia. [Souissi, Yasmine] German Univ Technol Oman, Dept Engn, POB 1816, Muscat 130, Oman. [Trabelsi, Najla] Ctr Biotechnol Borj Cedria, Lab Olive Biotechnol, BP 901, Hammam Lif 2050, Tunisia. [Selmi, Boulbaba; Achour, Sami] Univ Monastir, Higher Inst Biotechnol Monastir, Lab Bioresources Integrat Biol & Valorizat, Ave Taher Hadded BP 74, Monastir 5000, Tunisia. [Mnif, Wissem] Univ Bisha, Fac Sci & Arts Balgarn, Dept Chem, POB 199, Bisha 61922, Saudi Arabia. [Mnif, Wissem] Univ Manouba, Higher Inst Biotechnol Sidi Thabet, Lab Biotechnol & Valorisat Biogeoressources, BiotechPole Sidi Thabet, Ariana 2020, Tunisia. Mosbah, A (corresponding author), Univ Manouba, ISBST, BVBGR, LR11ES31,Biotechpole Sidi Thabet, Ariana 2020, Tunisia. soumayakouidhi@gmail.com; oumaima.zidi@hotmail.fr; abdelwahedsoukaina7@gmail.com; yasmine.souissi@hotmail.com; najla.trabelsi@cbbc.rnrt.tn; redissialadin@gmail.com; hamdimanel1511@gmail.com; emna.trabelsi94@gmail.com; yosra.amara.91@gmail.com; taherbhiri@outlook.fr; rimkhrouf@gmail.com; selmi_boulbaba@yahoo.fr; samnaw2001@yahoo.fr; ameur.cherif@uma.tn; w_mnif@yahoo.fr; amor.mosbah@isbst.uma.tn
ResearcherID Number Cherif, Ameur/AAC-6136-2021; Kouidhi, Soumaya/AFA-9002-2022
ISSN 2090-9063
ISBN 2090-9063
29-Character Source Abbreviation J. Chem.
Publication Date Dec
Year Published 2021
Volume 2021
Beginning Page 12
Article Number ARTN 1981680
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.1155/2021/1981680
Unique Article Identifier WOS:000737237500003
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