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Report for Kosteletzkya pentacarpos (L.) Ledeb.

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Family Malvaceae
Genus Kosteletzkya
Species pentacarpos
Previously was: virginica
Author (L.) Ledeb.
Previously was: (L.) C. Presl ex A. Gray
Infraspecfic Author
Plant type
  • hydrohalophyte
Life form
  • Chaemaephyte
Ecotypes unknown
Max. salinity
225 mMBlits, K. C. and J. L. Gallagher (1990) Salinity tolerance of Kosteletzkya virginica.  I.Shoot growth, ion and water relationsGlenn, E. P. and J. W. Oleary (1984) Relationship between salt accumulation and water content of dicotyledonous halophytes.Gohar, Zahida N.; Ahmad, Rafiq; Khan, D. (2016) ROOT MORPHOLOGY AND SEEDLING GROWTH OF THREE MALVACEOUS SALT TOLERANT PLANTS AT SALINE RHIZOSPHERE
Germination YesAbeli, T; Brancaleoni, L; Marchesini, R; Orsenigo, S; Rossi, G; Gerdol, R (2017) Fertiliser application positively affects plants performance but reduces seed viability in seashore mallow (Kosteletzkya pentacarpos): implication for biomass production and species conservationOrsenigo, S; Mondoni, A; Tazzari, ER; Vagge, I; Rossi, G; Abeli, T (2019) Seed dormancy and seedling growth changes in response to scarification treatments and population origin in Kosteletzkya pentacarpos (Malvaceae)POLJAKOFFMAYBER, A; SOMERS, GF; WERKER, E; GALLAGHER, JL (1994) SEEDS OF KOSTELETZKYA-VIRGINICA (MALVACEAE) - THEIR STRUCTURE, GERMINATION, AND SALT TOLERANCE .2. GERMINATION AND SALT TOLERANCE
Previously was: unknown
Salt glands and bladders unknown
Photosynthesis Pathway C3
Molecular data
  • TranscriptomicsTang, X. L., H. Y. Wang, C. Y. Shao and H. B. Shao (2015) Global Gene Expression of Kosteletzkya virginica Seedlings Responding to Salt Stress
  • cDNA-AFLPGuo, Y. Q., Z. Y. Tian, G. Y. Qin, D. L. Yan, J. Zhang, W. Z. Zhou and P. Qin (2009) Gene expression of halophyte Kosteletzkya virginica seedlings under salt stress at early stage
Previously was: empty
Microbial interactions and mycorrhizal status YesZhang, HS; Zai, XM; Qin, P (2018) Effects of two exogenous soil fungi on Kosteletzkya virginica rhizosphere saline soil aggregates
Previously was: unknown
Bioremediation YesVan Oosten, M. J. and A. Maggio (2015) Functional biology of halophytes in the phytoremediation of heavy metal contaminated soilsZhou, M. X., T. Engelmann and S. Lutts (2019) Salinity modifies heavy metals and arsenic absorption by the halophyte plant species Kosteletzkya pentacarpos and pollutant leaching from a polycontaminated substrate
  • Antioxidant enzymesGuo, YQ; Tian, ZY; Yan, DL; Zhang, J; Qin, P (2009) Effects of nitric oxide on salt stress tolerance in Kosteletzkya virginicaHan, R. M., I. Lefevre, A. Albacete, F. Perez-Alfocea, G. Barba-Espin, P. Diaz-Vivancos, M. Quinet, C. J. Ruan, J. A. Hernandez, E. Cantero-Navarro and S. Lutts (2013) Antioxidant enzyme activities and hormonal status inresponse to Cd stress in the wetland halophyte Kosteletzkya virginica under saline conditionsWang, Hongyan; Tang, Xiaoli; Wang, Honglei; Shao, Hongbo (2015) Physiological responses of Kosteletzkya virginica to coastal wetland soil.
Previously was: empty
Secondary Metabolites
  • PolyaminesBueno, M. and M. P. Cordovilla (2019) Polyamines in Halophytes
Previously was: empty
Compatible Solutes
  • GlycinebetaineGorham, J (1996) Glycinebetaine is a major nitrogen-containing solute in the malvaceae
Previously was: empty
Economic use
  • 0310.0 OilseedKnothe, G; Moser, BR (2015) Fatty acid profile of seashore mallow (Kosteletzkya pentacarpos) seed oil and properties of the methyl esters
  • 8000.0 CHEMICALS Moser, B. R., B. S. Dien, D. M. Seliskar and J. L. Gallagher (2013) Seashore mallow (Kosteletzkya pentacarpos) as a salt-tolerant feedstock for production of biodiesel and ethanolRuan, CJ; Xing, WH; da Silva, JAT (2012) Potential of five plants growing on unproductive agricultural lands as biodiesel resources
Previously was:
  • 0310.0 Oilseed
  • Distribution
    Distribution map provided by GBIF | Global Biodiversity Information Facility
    Distribution (text)
    • USA - southeast
    • ChinaQin, P., R. M. Han, M. X. Zhou, H. S. Zhang, L. S. Fan, D. M. Seliskar and J. L. Gallagher (2015) Ecological engineering through the biosecure introduction of Kosteletzkya virginica (seashore mallow) to saline lands in China: A review of 20 years of activity
    • N E SpainPino, J; de Roa, E (2007) Population biology of Kosteletzkya pentacarpos (Malvaceae) in the Llobregat delta (Catalonia, NE of Spain)
    Previously was:
  • USA - southeast
  • Miscellaneous notes Was Kosteletzkya virginica - with 89 references in Web of Science on 11 Dec 2019
    Previously was: empty

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