habitat tree
A Marine habitats (A)
A2 Littoral sediment (A2)
A2.1 Littoral coarse sediment (A2.1)
A2.11 Shingle (pebble) and gravel shores (A2.11)
A2.12 Estuarine coarse sediment shores (A2.12)
A2.2 Littoral sand and muddy sand (A2.2)
A2.21 Strandline (A2.21)
A2.3 Littoral mud (A2.3)
A2.32 Uupper estuarine mud shores (A2.32)
A2.33 Marine mud shores (A2.33)
A2.5 Coastal saltmarshes and saline reedbeds (A2.5)
A2.51 Saltmarsh driftlines (A2.51)
A2.52 Upper saltmarshes (A2.52)
A2.53 Mid-upper saltmarshes (A2.53)
A2.54 Low-mid saltmarshes (A2.54)
A2.55 Pioneer saltmarshes (A2.55)
A2.6 Littoral sediments dominated by aquatic angiosperms (A2.6)
A2.61 Seagrass beds on littoral sediments (A2.61)
A2.62 Marine [Cyperaceae] beds (A2.62)
A5 Sublittoral sediment (A5)
A5.3 Sublittoral mud (A5.3)
A5.32 Sublittoral mud in variable salinity (estuaries) (A5.32)
B Coastal habitats (B)
B1 Coastal dunes and sandy shores (B1)
B1.1 Sand beach driftlines (B1.1)
B1.2 Sand beaches above the driftline (B1.2)
B1.3 Shifting coastal dunes (B1.3)
B1.4 Coastal stable dune grassland (grey dunes) (B1.4)
B1.44 East Mediterranean fixed grey dunes (B1.44)
B1.44 East Mediterranean fixed grey dunes (B1.44)
B1.5 Coastal dune heaths (B1.5)
B1.6 Coastal dune scrub (B1.6)
B1.7 Coastal dune woods (B1.7)
B1.8 Moist and wet dune slacks (B1.8)
B2 Coastal shingle (B2)
B2.3 Upper shingle beaches with open vegetation (B2.3)
B2.33 Atlantic [Crambe maritima] communities (B2.33)
B2.4 Fixed shingle beaches, with herbaceous vegetation (B2.4)
B2.5 Shingle and gravel beaches with scrub (B2.5)
B2.6 Shingle and gravel beach woodland (B2.6)
B3 Rock cliffs, ledges and shores, including the supralittoral (B3)
B3.2 Unvegetated rock cliffs, ledges, shores and islets (B3.2)
B3.26 Mediterraneo-Pontic sea-cliffs and rocky shores (B3.26)
B3.1 Supralittoral rock (lichen or splash zone) (B3.1)
B3.3 Rock cliffs, ledges and shores, with angiosperms (B3.3)
B3.31 Atlantic sea-cliff communities (B3.31)
B3.4 Soft sea-cliffs, often vegetated (B3.4)
C Inland surface waters (C)
C1 Surface standing waters (C1)
C1.5 Permanent inland saline and brackish lakes, ponds and pools (C1.5)
C1.6 Temporary lakes, ponds and pools (C1.6)
C1.66 Temporary inland saline and brackish waters (C1.66)
C2 Surface running waters (C2)
C2.1 Springs, spring brooks and geysers (C2.1)
C2.15 Saline springs (C2.15)
C2.4 Tidal rivers, upstream from the estuary (C2.4)
C2.41 Brackish water tidal rivers (C2.41)
C3 Littoral zone of inland surface waterbodies (C3)
C3.1 Species-rich helophyte beds (C3.1)
C3.5 Periodically inundated shores with pioneer and ephemeral vegetation (C3.5)
C3.6 Unvegetated or sparsely vegetated shores with soft or mobile sediments (C3.6)
D Mires, bogs and fens (D)
D6 Inland saline and brackish marshes and reedbeds (D6)
D6.1 Inland saltmarshes (D6.1)
D6.12 saltmarsh [Juncus gerardi] and [Elymus repens] beds (D6.12)
D6.13 Interior European [Halimione pedunculata] beds (D6.13)
D6.15 Interior Iberian [Microcnemum] and [Salicornia] swards (D6.15)
D6.16 Interior central European and Anatolian [Salicornia], [Microcnemum], [Suaeda] and [Salsola] swards (D6.16)
D6.17 Western European continental glasswort beds (D6.17)
D6.2 Inland saline or brackish species-poor helophyte beds normally without free-standing water (D6.2)
D6.21 Dry halophile [Phragmites] beds (D6.21)
D6.22 [Cyperus laevigatus] beds (D6.22)
D6.23 Interior Iberian salt pan meadows (D6.23)
E Grasslands and lands dominated by forbs, mosses or lichens (E)
E1 Dry grasslands (E1)
E1.B Heavy-metal grassland (E1.B)
E3 Seasonally wet and wet grasslands (E3)
E6 Inland salt steppes (E6)
E6.1 Mediterranean inland salt steppes (E6.1)
E6.2 Continental inland salt steppes (E6.2)
E6.21 Pannonic salt steppes and saltmarshes (E6.21)
F Heathland, scrub and tundra (F)
F5 Maquis, arborescent matorral and thermo-Mediterranean brushes (F5)
F6 Garrigue (F6)
F6.7 Mediterranean gypsum scrubs (F6.7)
F6.71 Central Iberian gypsum scrubs (F6.71)
F6.72 Ebro gypsum scrubs (F6.72)
F6.73 Southeastern Iberian gypsum scrubs (F6.73)
G Woodland, forest and other wooded land (G)
G1 Broadleaved deciduous woodland (G1)
H Inland unvegetated or sparsely vegetated habitats (H)
H5 Deserts (H5)
H5.3 Sparsely- or un-vegetated habitats on mineral substrates not resulting from recent ice activity (H5.3)
H5.4 Dry substrates with very sparse or no vegetation (H5.4)
I Regularly or recently cultivated agricultural, horticultural and domestic habitats (I)
J Constructed, industrial and other artificial habitats (J)
J3 Extractive industrial sites; mines (J3)
J4 Transport networks and other constructed hard-surfaced areas (J4)
J4.1 Disused road, rail and other constructed hard-surfaced areas (J4.1)
J4.2 Road networks (J4.2)
J4.3 Rail networks (J4.3)
J5 Highly artificial man-made waters and associated structures (J5)
J5.1 Highly artificial saline and brackish standing waters (J5.1)
J5.11 Saline and brackish industrial lagoons and canals (J5.11)
J5.12 Saltworks (J5.12)
J5.2 Highly artificial saline and brackish running waters (J5.2)
J5.5 Highly artificial non-saline fountains and cascades (J5.5)
J6 Waste deposits (J6)
J6.3 Non-agricultural organic waste (J6.3)
J6.31 Sewage works and sludge beds (J6.31)
J6.4 Agricultural and horticultural waste (J6.4)
J6.41 Solid agricultural and horticultural waste (J6.41)
J6.42 Liquid agricultural wastes (manure) (J6.42)
J6.5 Industrial waste (J6.5)
J6.51 Mining slag heaps (J6.51)
J6.52 Industrial scrap and detritus heaps (J6.52)
X Habitat complexes (X)
X01 Estuaries (X01)
X02 Saline coastal lagoons (X02)
X29 Salt lake islands (X29)
X31 Mosaics of mobile and non-mobile substrata in the littoral zone (X31)
X32 Mosaics of mobile and non-mobile substrata in the infralittoral zone (X32)
X33 Mosaics of mobile and non-mobile substrata in the circalittoral zone (X33)