SussexFood does Go Green Week 2019

During Go Green Week, SussexFood aim to spread knowledge on current initiatives created for sustainable benefit on campus and to improve the range of initiatives around our cafes. These initiatives focus on reducing plate and single-use waste in addition to saving you some money.

Go Green trees

Small wooden trees have cropped up across our eateries to give you tips on how to do your bit to save the environment and also some money.

Information on the trees include our discounts for going re-useable. That’s 10p off your meal if you use a re-useable container and 30p less for a hot drink if you use a reusable cup.

Dhaba Café and The Bridge on Too Good To Go

SussexFood have launched two new Too Good To Go pages – one for Dhaba Café and one for The Bridge. As you are probably aware, the Dhaba is the place to go if you fancy a vegetarian or vegan treat and The Bridge offers a hot sandwich of the day in addition to a hot, home-cooked delight inspired by cuisines from around the world.

Now at the end of the day you can collect a mystery box of surplus food at a discounted rate, thus saving you some money and saving food from going to waste … it’s a double win.

Sign up for or find out more about Too Good To Go

Recycling of crisp packets 

The crisp packet recycling scheme has now been introduced across all cafes. This means that you can recycle any brand of crisp packet (not including Pringles tubs) in any SussexFood outlet.

The system works simply: you put your empty crisp packet into the small green bin in the café; staff deliver these to the main bin in Eat Central; these then get sent off via post to TerraCycle, where the crisp packets are recycled and turned into new products.

Please try and ensure your crisp packets are empty and follow the signage - if it says crisps only, we mean it!

Dine Central

Look out for a new Dine Central discount starting 25 February. The discount involves a reduction of 20% off your meal from Dine Central – this includes Meal Deal 1, 2, 3 and the Wok Bar. So head on up to Dine Central for some premium vegan food, a freshly spun wok or some well seasoned chicken and chips!


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By: Olivia Grant
Last updated: Monday, 25 February 2019