SussexFood thank you for reducing single-use cup usage

As you may be aware, this term SussexFood gave away around 4,000 re-usable cups and introduced a new method of payment for coffees and cups to encourage you to use a reusable mug.

We are delighted to announce that, since the start of term we have processed over 30,000 transactions for a hot drink in a reusable mug, effectively meaning we have saved this many single-use cups from going in the bin.

As of September 2018, single-use cups have been charged separately to coffee and other hot drinks of choice. If a customer brings in their own cup of any kind, the cup charge is consequently deserted and the customer receives their hot drink for a discounted price.

The separate charging system was put in place to further incentivise the use of reusable cups and to encourage staff and students to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill. We are really pleased to say that use of own cups has increased by 400% against the same time last year.

Again, we want to thank you and congratulate you for getting on board with this and seriously reducing the amount of non-recyclable waste!

In light of this, don’t forget that if you do misplace or forget your Mug For Life or other reusable cup, you can recycle your cups using our Simply Cups bins. These bins are located in Eat Central, Arts Piazza and Jubilee Café.

The steps are simple when it comes to recycling using these bins; however, it is imperative that you follow the steps.

  • Step 1. Take the lid off your cup and dispose of in the separate bin.

  • Step 2. Pour any remaining liquid into the middle of the Simply Cups Bin, where the liquid holder is.

  • Step 3. Drop your cup into one of the surrounding holes of the Simply Cups bin. The cups will stack in these holes therefore ensuring maximum space can be utilised in the bin and the optimum number of cups can be recycled each bin-collection.

We will have a few more University of Sussex branded Mug For Life giveaways across campus. So keep your eyes peeled on our social media for updates on when and where you can cop a free re-useable mug.

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Posted on behalf of: SussexFood
Last updated: Friday, 14 December 2018