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REDS Programme

Announcement: 16/3/20

Following the University’s decision to suspend teaching this week and move to online teaching from next week, we will not be running REDS Healthy Relationships workshops for the rest of this term.

What is REDS?

REDS stands for Respect, Equality, Diversity and Safety.

As a community, we are working to promote these values at Sussex; this work takes the form of workshops, resources and communications, and interactive activities.


Workshops and Courses

Consent Matters - Online course

We want to have a conversation about relationships, sex and consent, so that you have an enjoyable and safe time at Sussex.

screen shot of the Consent Matters online courseConsent Matters is a free online course all about consent, respect, boundaries and positive intervention. The course is open to all students and staff, and covers four areas:

  • Thinking about consent
  • Communication skills and relationships
  • Looking out for others
  • Support

You can complete the course on Canvas - click here to enroll instantly

Content warning: This course contains references to sexual violence so you may wish to avoid completing certain parts.


REDS Healthy Relationships Workshops

Understanding the boundaries of healthy relationships is key to having an enjoyable and safe time at university, and all students are invited to attend one of our REDS Healthy Relationships workshops.

The REDS Healthy Relationships workshop has been developed in partnership with Sussex students and will be delivered by postgraduate student trainers who already have experience in this area.

During the two-hour session you'll think about different types of relationships including romantic relationships, sexual relationships and friendships. It’s designed to be interactive, engaging and to promote discussion and learning between students. PowerPoint slide showing the outcomes of the REDS workshop

By the end of the workshop we hope to:

  • increase your understanding of healthy relationships and consent
  • increase your understanding of unhealthy relationships including sexual/domestic violence and abuse
  • make you more aware of how to find help and support
  • identify steps we can all take to help build a positive culture on campus and in our community.

Book your free place on the Healthy Relationships workshop here.

If you have any questions about these workshops please email


REDS ResourcesFront cover of Sex and Relationships booklet

Let's Talk About Sex and Relationships booklet

We want you to have an enjoyable and safe time at Sussex. That’s why we want to have a conversation about relationships, sex and consent.

The University and Students' Union have worked together to produce the Let's Talk About Sex and Relationships booklet

Take a look inside for information, myth-busting, tips and to find out about sources of support.


#MyPronounsAre Badges

Sussex supports the #MyPronounsAre Campaign, which is an initiative from Brighton and Hove City Council, designed to raise awareness of the fact that we shouldn’t assume that we know what someone’s gender identity is, or which personal gender pronouns they use, because we can’t know this just by looking at someone.Flyer promoting the #MyPronounsAre campaign

Using the correct personal gender pronouns for each person we speak with or refer to is an important way of showing our respect for them. Be part of Sussex’s respectful and inclusive community by supporting the #MyPronounsAre campaign.

The following badges are available free on campus: 

  • 'She, Her, Hers'
  • ‘He, him, his’
  • ‘They, their, theirs’
  • ‘Please use my name’
  • Blank, for the wearer to fill in
  • ‘#MyPronounsAre’

Free badges can be picked up from the following places on campus:

  • Student Life Centre reception
  • International Student Support front desk
  • School Offices
Top tips to help us use the correct pronouns
  • Normalise Pronouns: A great way to do this is by introducing yourself with your own name and personal gender pronouns whenever you meet someone new. You could also include your pronouns in email signatures or on social media bios
  • Don’t assume: You can’t tell a person’s gender identity or pronouns based on how they look. Also, don’t assume that someone’s pronouns are fixed – they may change over time
  • Apologize: Mistakes happen. When you misgender someone (use the wrong pronouns) say you are sorry, and concentrate on using the correct language in future
  • Non-binary greetings: Instead of saying “ladies” or “guys” to a group of people try to use language that isn’t gendered like “folks,” “y’all,” “friends” etc
  • Correct: When you hear someone use the wrong pronouns for a mutual friend correct them


REDS Volunteers

REDS Volunteers are students who help to promote the values of Respect, Equality, Diversity and Safety on campus.

They get involved in running activities and events that promote the REDS values; this could be through interactive stalls on campus that promote healthy relationships and sexual consent; events such as quizzes and creative workshops that celebrate and encourage respectful behaviour; or other inventive ways to engage with the University community and promote Respect, Equality, Diversity and Safety.

To keep up to date with what the REDS Volunteers are up to, Like and Follow our Facebook page.

We recruit and train REDS Volunteers in the spring term, ready for the next Welcome Week. If you'd like to express your interest in becoming a volunteer you can email 


Useful Links

Report + Support

If you or someone else has experienced behaviours such as bullying, harassment, a hate incident, sexual violence, domestic abuse or discrimination, you can let us know, ad find out about sources of support, using this Report and Support tool.

Equalities and Diversity

Find information about Equality and Diversity at Sussex

Hate Incidents and Hate Crime

Find informatiom about what to do if you have experienced a hate crime.

Gender and Sexuality

Find information and support for LGBTQ+ people

Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment

Find information about what to do if you have been sexually assaulted

Sexual Consent

Find information about sexual consent