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Consent Matters Online Course

Consent Matters - Online course

We want to have a conversation about relationships, sex and consent, so that you have an enjoyable and safe time at Sussex.

screen shot of the Consent Matters online courseConsent Matters is a free online course all about consent, respect, boundaries and positive intervention. The course is open to all students and staff, and covers four areas:

  • Thinking about consent
  • Communication skills and relationships
  • Looking out for others
  • Support

You can complete the course on Canvas - click here to enroll instantly

Content warning: This course contains references to sexual violence so you may wish to avoid completing certain parts.

REDS Healthy Relationships Workshops

All first year Undergraduate students will be invited to one of our REDS Healthy Relationships workshops.

PowerPoint slide showing the outcomes of the REDS workshopThe two hour workshops are interactive and engaging, and offer the chance to explore these topics in more detail than the online course:

  • Healthy relationships
  • Consent
  • Applying what we've learnt
  • Help and support
  • Intervening/changing the culture

Other students are very welcome to attend as well. You can find out more about these workshops, or book a place, by emailing

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