Health and Wellbeing

Keeping your possessions safe

  • Mark your possessions with a UV pen (including your name, University and student number) so that the police will be able to identify you as the owner should they find your belongings.
  • Keep a list of any valuables including makes, models and serial numbers. Register them at so that you can try to recover them if they are stolen.
  • Get insured. £1000 is the average loss from a burglary and you can get a year’s insurance relatively cheaply. Check first whether you are covered by your parents’ household insurance and if not, get a quote from Endsleigh insurance which specialises in student insurance and then compare this by using  a comparison website. If you’re an international student, ensure that your travel and property insurance covers you adequately.
  • Write down any details you might need if anything goes missing such as phone numbers to cancel bank cards, phone contracts and to access benefits of your insurance policy. Make sure that you have photocopies of any important documents such as your passport and that these are stored separately to the original versions.
  • Keep your laptop safe by never leaving it unattended on campus – especially in the library, cafes or study areas. If you’re carrying it around, put it inside a larger bag rather than making it obvious by carrying it only in its case. At home, get netting or blinds, particularly for the ground floor to prevent people from looking in and eyeing up your possessions. Back up your work on mobile storage devices, external hard drives or by using a website such as Dropbox* Remember, computer theft or breakdown are not considered acceptable reasons for late or non-submitted work.