Health and Wellbeing

If you experience a crime


  • Emergency Services (Police, Fire service, Ambulance) off campus 999
  • Emergency Services if on campus – 3333(internal phone) 01273 873333(all other phones)


  • If you would like to report a crime which is no longer an emergency you can either call 101 or visit/telephone your local police station


  • Report this to the Police (and Security if on campus) and get a crime number which you will need to make an insurance claim or to ensure that any future use of your credit/debit cards is not charged to you.
  • If your bank cards or phone has been stolen and you haven’t made a note of phone numbers for your bank or network provider’s emergency cancellation services then you should be able to find them online.


  • Violence is never justified in any circumstance and you should always report what has happened to the police or campus security if you can. If you don’t feel comfortable reporting it, you may want to speak to someone close to you.  Alternatively, you can seek advice in confidence from the Student Life Centre or the University Counselling Service

Sexual Violence

Domestic Violence

Bullying and Sexual harassment

All crime

  • Victim Support is an organisation which provides support to victims of crime, whether the crime has been reported or not. You may find it useful to contact their confidential helpline if you’re struggling to discuss what has happened or if you would like help to report the incident.
  • The Self Evident App is a convenient and effective way for people across England & Wales to engage with the police for free. The free app makes it easy for you to:
    • file a crime report with the police from your smartphone
    • send the police photo and video evidence,
    • record a reliable statement,
    • keep a secure record of your report and evidence, and
    • validate the evidence you have captured.