Health and Wellbeing

Working affecting your studies or wellbeing?

We are aware that many students work very long hours to earn enough to support themselves and their studies. Student employment offers valuable experience as well as income; however, too many hours can negatively impact on your studies. We would also be concerned if any student were engaged with work that was risky or that affected their mental, emotional or physical wellbeing.

As an adult, you make your own choices.  This information will help you to find out what support and advice is available on campus, in the local area and online if you need help with those choices.

Student Life Centre

The Student Life Centre is the first place to go when you have questions, queries, worries or concerns about student life.

Are you struggling financially or having to work too many hours to allow you reasonable study time (usually more than 15 hours per week in term time)?  Contact the Student Life Centre and speak to one of the Student Money Advisers. They can help with money worries and problems, give advice and guidance on funding from Student Finance, budgeting, maximising income and minimizing expenditure

Careers and Employment

Are you concerned about your employment conditions? Do you want to find a different part-time job or want to know how to use your experience to enhance future employment? Staff in the Careers and Employment Centre (in the Library Building) will be glad to offer advice and guidance on employment rights and good practice and opportunities.

Tier 4/International Students

Your visa is likely to restrict the hours and periods you can work.  For advice, please refer to the Student Hub.

Information if you are contemplating or involved in sex work

We understand that, for a variety of reasons, some of our students may contemplate or be involved in sex work. This term covers a variety activities and you should be aware that some of those constitute criminal offences. Release has published comprehensive information on the legal position. Our concern is for your safety and well-being: by its nature some types of sex work can be inherently dangerous. Sex work may also negatively affect the mental and physical health of those involved in it. Before taking this step, we encourage you to seek advice from the Student Life Centre (see above), where you will receive confidential guidance and support.  

Further local information on safety can be found below:

SWOP Sussex   Oasis Services

Terence Higgins Trust