Health and Wellbeing

Campus help

On this page you can find details of mental health support on campus.

For details of local mental health services click here

For details of national mental health charities and organisations click here

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Emergency help on campus

Residential Life Team

If you need emergency help, call Security on 01273 87 3333 or dial 3333 from a bedroom phone. There are also emergency phones located around campus which put you straight through to Security.

The Security Office is located in York House; for Welfare issues you can go and speak to a Residential Life Manager at York House 24hr Reception between 10am-10pm Monday to Friday.

  • Security are first-aid trained
  • Security will call 999 for you and coordinate guiding emergency services (such as ambulance) to your address on campus
  • Security can contact on-call Residential Life Manager on your behalf
  • If you would prefer to speak to a member of staff of a specific gender, please let Security know

Student Life Centre

The Student Life Centre plays a key role in ensuring Sussex is a supportive environment for you, providing information, guidance, referrals and resources for all Sussex students. We offer help and advice via email, telephone and pre-booked appointments. A meeting with a Student Life Advisor can address both practical and emotional issues and will provide support, advice, guidance and space for reflection.

Your GP (doctor)

In the UK, your overall physical and mental health is looked after by a local doctor working in the National Health Service called a General Practitioner (GP). To see this doctor, you will need to register for a GP practice and directions on how to do this can be found on the page Staying Well. We have a GP practice on campus which we call the University Health Centre. If you have a mental health concern, your doctor can talk to you about how you feel, may prescribe you medication, or refer you to a mental health specialist or for counselling.


The University has a free and confidential counselling service based on campus just behind the Health Centre. There are several therapists and an additional 25 post-qualified and trainee counsellors. You can see a counsellor either individually, in therapy groups or in workshops. You do not need to be referred to the Counselling service, you can make an appointment yourself, but it is usually best to see a Student Advisor in the Student Life Centre before booking an inital interview. How to make an appointment.

Long term mental health conditions

If you have a diagnosed long term mental health condition such as depression, schizophrenia or an autism spectrum disorder such as Aspergers Syndrome then you should make an appointment with a member of the Mental Health and Autism Spectrum team in the Student Support Unit who will

  • talk to you in confidence about any support requirements you may have
  • liaise with academic staff over teaching and examination arrangements
  • liaise with your G.P. (doctor), Counsellor or members of your health care team if necessary
  • liaise with Residential Services over accommodation needs
  • provide assistance with applying for the Disabled Students' Allowance

Tea and Talk Peer Support Network

The Tea and Talk Peer Support Network is made up of trained student volunteers and offers an informal space for Sussex students to talk and be listened to, as well as an opportunity to find out about other sources of support while enjoying free tea and biscuits! 

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Mindfulness on Campus

Our Chaplaincy service run free Mindfulness sessions multiple times a week, all through the year.

All students and staff are welcome to attend and you don't need to book a place.

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Workshops on Campus

We run workshops throughout the year, addressing a range of common issues.

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