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Buying food on a budget


Buying food on a budget can be great fun, it just requires a bit more planning than a trip to the supermarket. Markets are a great place to buy food more cheaply. Here are someplaces where you can find some food bargains in Brighton and Hove:

  • Sussex Tuesday Market - You can buy a wide variety of fruit and veg at the Tuesday Market on campus. In the Falmer House quad from 9am-6pm every Tuesday during term time
  • SCOOP (Sussex Food Coop) sell cheap, healthy whole foods and pulses at the Tuesday Market. Bring your own re-usable container if you can
  • The Open Market - There are avariety of stalls selling fruit and veg, fish and seafood, meat, eggs and international foods. Located just off London Road and open 9-5 Mon-Fri and 10-5 at weekends

Check out these website for more informatin and tips on shopping and eating on a budget:

Accessible Food Shopping 

The Students' Union's Co-op store in Bramber House has introduced "Quiet Hours" from 11am-1pm on Saturdays and 3pm-5pm on Sundays. This quieter time is designed to make the store accessible to customers who currently struggle with music and the other noise associated with supermarket shopping. The lights are also dimmed.