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Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) provides professional development opportunities for staff on the effective use of technology to enhance teaching, learning and assessment.

For the new academic year, the TEL team have put together a series of workshops that will assist staff with their use of technology in teaching, learning and research. Follow the links below in order to book places on your chosen workshops. All workshops and events are free to attend for University of Sussex staff.

Please note: If you encounter any issues booking onto a course please contact:

Spring term 2018/19

Marking and assessing with Turnitin Feedback Studio

Date/time: Various dates throughout January, May and June, please see booking forms for more information.

Venue: Majority of sessions taking place in Essex House 133 (For direction please see here) but some sessions may take place 

Session overview

This workshop is open to all staff involved in the marking process. It will introduce you to the e-submission and e-feedback process and using the Turnitin software to mark work and check for originality.


Take 5 LinkedIn & your digital identity   online course

Date/time: Monday the 5th February - Friday 10th February
Venue: Online

Session overview

This course will give you an introduction to the social networking platform LinkedIn. It will take you through how to set up and make the most of your online profile, how to connect with others and discover useful interest groups. We will also look at the terminology and practical steps you can take to manage your digital identity and footprint, helping you to look after your professional reputation online.

Team-Based Learning

Date/time: Tuesday 6th February and Monday 7th May
Venue: Various

Session overview

Want a template for helping students develop teamwork and problem-solving skills? This workshop will provide an introduction to Team Based Learning. The session will be delivered in a team based learning style to give participants the experience of how this would work in practice. During the session, participants will be guided to plan a team based learning session, with a focus on how to administer individual and group quizzes.

Learning Beyond the Campus - Cross Institutional Learning

Date/time: Thursday 15th February 
Venue: Fulton Building FUL-206

Session overview

An introduction to the benefits and opportunities that cross-institutional learning can bring to your teaching, learning and professional development.

In this workshop we will discuss what constitutes cross-institutional learning, how you can apply it and the technological tools which support it. This is an online and face-to-face event, in which we will demonstrate how you can facilitate collaboration in different locations. Participants attending in person are encouraged to bring their own devices.

Teaching to large groups with technology

Date/time: Monday 19th February & Wednesday 11th April
Venue: Monday 19th February - Jubilee G23

Session overview

This hands-on workshop will look at some ways that technology can help address the challenges of teaching large groups. Participants will be introduced to a range of technologies to encourage participation in large groups and get started with a tool of their choice.

Expanding Reality: A look at virtual, augmented and mixed reality in education

Date/time: Wednesday 28th February & Friday 4th May
Venue: TBA

Session overview

Virtual, augmented, mixed? What’s the difference and what does it mean for education? Is there a place for these cutting edge technologies? If so, what does it look like?

In this hands-on introductory session participants will be introduced to a range of exciting technologies and find out what all the fuss is about. We will follow the hands on session with a facilitated discussion on how we can incorporate these tools into our teaching to enhance the learning experience.

Peer Instruction and Just-in-time Teaching

Date/time: Friday 9th March
Venue: TBA

Session overview

Want to make your lectures more interactive? Peer Instruction and Just-in-time teaching (JiTT) are evidence-based, interactive teaching methods which complement each other as a model for large group teaching. In this session, you will learn to plan and deliver a teaching session using these methods.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own devices.

What is Flipped Learning?

Date/time: Tuesday 13th March & Thursday 19th April
Venue: TBA

Session overview

Flipped Learning is an approach to teaching in which content is delivered outside of the classroom through a series of pre- and post-session activities. The teaching session then becomes a series of student-centred active learning tasks, some of which may have traditionally been considered homework. This workshop will be delivered in a flipped style and will introduce participants to how they can use flipped learning in their own teaching

Presentation basics - creating engaging & inclusive presentations

Date/time: Thursday 22nd March & Tuesday 24th April 

Venue: TBA

Session overview

With so many tools for creating engaging presentations it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

This session will look past death by powerpoint and explore how we can use a range of tools to not only make our presentations more engaging but also more inclusive.

This will be a hands on session, and give you the know how to enhance student experience by creating engaging and inclusive presentations.

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