Technology Enhanced Learning at Sussex

Workshops and courses

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) provides professional development opportunities for staff on the effective use of technology to enhance teaching, learning and assessment.

All events are free to attend and available to all members of staff. Our programme of workshops and courses is updated regularly with dates for repeated and new sessions. Select the titles below to view descriptions, details and booking information for each of the events.


Face-to-face sessions delivered on campus and lead by learning technologists.

Times & date(s): various (see registration page)

This interactive session introduces staff to the University's new virtual learning environment Canvas. The session provides attendees with an overview of the new platform and an opportunity to start working on existing course content.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • Canvas overview
  • Orientation and navigation
  • Content creation and management
  • Help & Support

This workshop represents an essential introduction to the new Canvas VLE and forms the basis for follow up training as required by individual Schools/staff members.


This session will take place in the Library Training Room

Times & date(s): various (see registration page)

Panopto is the new online media platform at Sussex.

Panopto is the leading media solution in UK HE, with the ability to reliably and easily record, edit and manage lecture recordings. It brings exciting new features, such as the ability to search for specific moments in a recording, embed questions in videos to check learning and to insert closed captions. In addition, Panopto offers an excellent experience on mobile devices, integrates with Canvas and provides access to detailed usage statistics.

We are offering this session in two different formats:

Webinar: this online session will run for 30 minutes, providing a walkthrough of Panopto’s key functions and the opportunity to ask questions of a Learning Technologist. By the end of the webinar you will have seen how to:

  • Create a recording in Panopto
  • Make basic edits to the session
  • Add automatic captions to a session
  • Manage availability of recordings to students

Hands-on: this face-to-face session will run for 50 minutes covering the same walkthrough of Panopto’s key functions as the webinar. In addition, you will be able to get hands on with Panopto with the assistance of a Learning Technologist, who will answer any questions you may have. By the end of the hands-on session you will be able to:

  • Create a recording in Panopto
  • Make basic edits to the session
  • Add automatic captions to a session
  • Manage availability to students



Coming soon

In the meantime please see the below links for recordings and other information about our past seminars:

Active learning network events

The Active Learning Network is a group of people from around the world who share an interest in active approaches to learning.

Regular events which allow people in your context to explore pedagogical development and innovation.

For more information see the Active Learning Network events page.

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