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Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) provides professional development opportunities for staff on the effective use of technology to enhance teaching, learning and assessment.

All events are free to attend and available to all members of staff. Our programme of workshops and courses is updated regularly with dates for repeated and new sessions. Select the titles below to view descriptions, details and booking information for each of the events.


Face-to-face sessions delivered on campus and lead by learning technologists.

Canvas Fundamentals

Times & date(s): various (see registration page)

This interactive session introduces staff to the University's new virtual learning environment Canvas. The session provides attendees with an overview of the new platform and an opportunity to start working on existing course content.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • Canvas overview
  • Orientation and navigation
  • Help & Support
  • Content creation and management

This workshop represents an essential introduction to the new Canvas VLE and forms the basis for follow up training as required by individual Schools/staff members.


Padlet for sharing, curating and commenting

Times & date(s): 3rd April 11:00-12:00 & 25th April 14:00-15:00

This workshop will introduce Padlet, a versatile digital platform for collecting and sharing a wide range of materials. Padlets can also be embedded in Canvas. We will show some examples of different layouts, suggest possible uses and help you get started creating padlets.


Technologies for supporting diversity in the classroom

Times & date(s): 10th April 11:00-12:00

In this session, we will introduce the factors to consider when teaching with respect for the diversity in the classroom. In particular we will be looking at:

  • Technologies that students might be using
  • Technologies you may wish to suggest to students 


Accessibility matters: pages in Canvas

Times & date(s): 2nd May 15:00 - 16:00

How can we ensure that students can access our content in Canvas? This workshop aims to raise awareness of considerations for web accessibility when creating pages in Canvas. Participants will explore examples of good and bad practice and develop skills for creating accessible pages.


Expanding Reality: Creating your own Immersive 360° Experiences

Times & date(s): 26th March 15:00-17:00 & 12th April 14:00-16:00 

Using the University’s new GoBags, you’ll get hands on with creating your own 360 content. We’ll explore the opportunities that 360 photography and videography can provide, the associated challenges and how you can use our kit for you own teaching and learning activities. We’ll also include a brief overview of other immersive technologies including Virtual and Augmented Reality. All we ask you to bring is an open mind, everything else is provided.


Portfolios in Mahara

Times & date(s): 9th May 14:00-15:00 

This workshop will introduce Mahara, the e-portfolio platform used for some portfolio assessments at Sussex. You will be shown some examples of Mahara portfolios and have the opportunity to try Mahara for yourself and consider whether this would be a useful assessment route for your module(s).


Introduction to flipped learning

Times & date(s): 4th April 15:00-16:30 & 7th May 10:00-11:30 

In this workshop we will introduce the flipped model of teaching. We’ll discuss how best to implement this model for your classes and get some hands-on experience with a tool/tools for creating online learning resources for students.




Sessions are delivered online and include a short presentation followed by discussion. Recordings of webinars will be available for 14 days and only available to those who have signed up before the event.

Audio and video feedback for students

Time & date(s): 30th April 12:00-12:30

This session will provide an introduction to providing audio and video feedback to students. We will look at the benefits and the challenges and give you some ideas for rewarding and quick win strategies.


3 Tools for Providing consistent student feedback

Time & date(s): 28th March 12:00-12:30

This short webinar will go over three key tools that can be used in order to provide consistent student feedback. Rubrics, Grading forms and Quickmarks


Top 4 apps - students as producers of video

Time & date(s): 3rd April 12:00-12:30

This session will provide an overview of easy to use apps which can be used to assess student learning through video.


Designing inclusive presentations

Time & date(s): 12th April 12:00-12:30

This session will explore how we can use a range of tools to give you the know how to enhance student experience by creating inclusive presentations. You will be given some practical steps you can take to make your presentations accessible and inclusive.


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