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File(s) required (archived)

Assessments on the e-submission page which display that 'Upto ... files' can be submitted will allow you to submit one (or sometimes more files) of any type of file up to 60mb in size.

Important! This page is for assessment processes with Study Direct, used for modules which started during the 2014-17 academic years. Please see the Canvas web pages for information on current processes.


Assessments of this type are not processed by Turnitin, please refer to the resources on submission requirements if the assessment has a different requirement. The following video provides an overview and demonstration of submitting for assessments with this requirement.

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Although some assessments may allow for more than one file to be submitted, this does not necessarily mean that you have to submit the maximum number possible, you should always refer to instructions from your tutor for specific details of what to submit for the assessment.

Your submission time and date will be recorded from the most recent file that you have submitted and you may find that larger files take more time to upload. Make sure that you allow for plenty of time to submit to ensure that you do not incur any late penalties.

Academic Development & Quality Enhancement FAQs

The following information, relevant to submission is available from the ADQE e-submission FAQs web page.

  • What if IT or technical problems prevent me from submitting electronically?
  • What if I submit the wrong file?
  • What if I have an extended deadline as a reasonable adjustment?
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