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Submitting your work for e-submission (archived)

You will be asked to submit your work electronically via Study Direct for assessments which have been setup for e-submission & e-feedback.

Important! This page is for assessment processes with Study Direct, used for modules which started during the 2014-17 academic years. Please see the Canvas web pages for information on current processes.


The e-submission page should be used for final submissions only. However, if you make a mistake when submitting your work, in some instances you will have the opportunity to resubmit in-line with the guidelines and instructions below.

To submit a draft copy of your work for the purpose of similarity checking, you should use the ‘Turnitin - Originality Reports’ site in Study Direct.

The following video provides an overview of where you can submit your work and find the details of your assessments; including deadlines, requirements for submission upload and whether they have been setup for e-submission.

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There are currently three routes for e-submission. This will be displayed next to your assessment deadlines on module e-submission pages and will determine the technical requirements for your submission to be accepted by the system

  • File required for Turnitin: a single text-based document under 40mb can be submitted in a limited range of formats. Please refer to the following webpage for more information.
  • File(s) required: any type of file under 60mb can be submitted. For some assessments, it will be possible to submit multiple files. Please refer to the following webpage for more information.
  • Mahara portfolio required: a single portfolio page or collection (of multiple pages) created using the University of Sussex Mahara e-portfolio system. Please refer to the following webpage for more information.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have submitted the correct file and one which will be accepted by the e-submission and e-feedback system. Please refer to the ADQE web page for more information on assessment regulations.


Resubmitting your work

Before your due date: You can withdraw and resubmit your work as many times as you like before the due date and deadline time shown on the e-submission page.

Any files present in the system at the deadline will be used as your final submission; please make sure that you have withdrawn any files you don’t want to be marked well before the deadline time.

The following video demonstrates how to withdraw and resubmit your work using the Study Direct e-submission page.

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After your due date: after the deadline on your e-submission page has passed, if no previous submissions are present in the system, you will be able to submit work during the period of permissible lateness.

You will not be able to withdraw any work you submit during this period; please check carefully that any files are your final work before you submit them.

You will not be able to withdraw any files you submitted before your deadline during this period.

Even students who have been granted a penalty waiver will be unable to withdraw and resubmit work during this period.

After the period of permissible lateness: once the period of permissible lateness has ended, the assignment will be closed and you will no longer be able to submit any work.

Academic Development & Quality Enhancement FAQs

The following information, relevant to submission is available from the ADQE e-submission FAQs web page.

  • What if IT or technical problems prevent me from submitting electronically?
  • What if I submit the wrong file?
  • What if I have an extended deadline as a reasonable adjustment?
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