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How to access your marks and feedback

Your marks and feedback for assessments with an e-submission hand-in point will be made available to you online.

You can view your marks and feedback for contributory assignments via Sussex Direct once they have been released by the assessment convenor of each module.

Marks for your work may display differently in both the marking software (Turnitin or Speedgrader) and Sussex Direct. Please note that the mark in Sussex Direct is your final mark (subject to ratification) and will include any penalty deductions for late submissions. 

How to access your marks and feedback from Sussex Direct

  1. Login to Sussex Direct and select the 'Study' tab from the main navigation menu.
  2. Select Module Progress & Feedback from the drop-down menu. The following page should display a table of modules which include your attendance and assessment records.
  3. Select the web link from the 'Assessment' column to open the Module Marks & Feedback page (see below), this includes an overview of your marks and feedback for a specific module.

  1. Mark: this will indicate your final mark (subject to ratification), including any deductions due to late penalties.
  2. View feedback: this will take you to the assignment page in Canvas where you can view feedback comments from tutors on your work.
How to access your feedback from Canvas 'assignments'

Canvas will display the mark that has been given to you by your tutor, only the mark in Sussex Direct will reflect the final mark that you have been awarded as adjustments are made here to account for any penalties marks.

  1. Log in to Canvas and select the module you wish to view your assessment feedback for, from either the 'Dashboard' or 'Modules' page.
  2. Select the 'Assignments' tab from the module navigation menu.
  3. Select the assignment you wish to view feedback for from the list, the mark will display (e.g. 66/100pts) if feedback has been released by your tutor.

How to access your feedback from Canvas Dashboard and Notifications

Canvas will send you notifications (if enabled) to inform you of new feedback (see How do I set my notifications? for more information), you can also access your feedback via the Recent feedback list from your Dashboard (Canvas home screen).

Please note that the View feedback (B - below) link which you can access from notifications and displayed on the Dashboard will display your work using 'Speedgrader', the inbuilt marking tool in Canvas used for 'Canvas Online' assessments. You will need to select the Turnitin Similarity percentage (A - below) to view your feedback for 'Canvas Turnitin' assessments.

Shows where to click for feedback

How to access your feedback for a Turnitin submission through Canvas

How feedback be will displayed

The software used to display your feedback comments will vary depending on the submission route which has been used for the assessment.

  • Submitted through Turnitin: will display feedback using the Turnitin Feedback Studio software which may include comments in the form of document annotations, general text or audio comments or criteria based feedback using rubrics or grading forms. See Viewing feedback in Turnitin for more information.
  • Submitted through Canvas: will display feedback using the Speedgrader software which may include comments in the form of document annotations, file attachments and general text, audio or video comments. See Viewing feedback in Canvas for more information.
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