Technology Enhanced Learning at Sussex

Setting up your assessment

There are a number of settings which can be adjusted to support your workflow, streamline and enhance your assessment.

Please note that assessment data such as the submission location, mode, type, deadline, groups, roles and access for staff are set up and administered by School Offices and Curriculum & Assessment Officers using the Oracle web forms. 

Submission routes

There are currently three routes for e-submission. This will be displayed in your assessment instructions in Canvas and will determine the technical requirements for submissions and the tools used for presenting the work, providing marks and feedback. 

  • Canvas Turnitin: a single text-based document under 40mb can be submitted in a limited range of formats. Please refer to the following webpage for more information.
  • Canvas Online: it can be set up so that students will be required to submit either one or more files, a media recording, website address or text. Please refer to the following webpage for more information.
  • Mahara Submission: a single portfolio page or collection (of multiple pages) created using the University of Sussex Mahara e-portfolio system. Please contact your learning technologist for further details.


Identifying your Submission route


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